Friday, December 30, 2011

Winter Travels

Yesterday we left early for our trip down to Raleigh, NC to visit with my brother Tim, his fiance Val, and son CJ.  Both kids had a normal breakfast and we were off to a good start (especially since Colin took a nice poop just as we were about to get in the car, so I thought for sure we were lucky to get that out of the way!).  We made one quick stop so that Chris and I could get some coffee and breakfast and made it to the Maryland House in about 2 hours where we stopped so that the kids could get some lunch.  Both kids were happy and enjoying their lunch, and Chris and I may have commented on how well we were doing far (big no-no).  

Both kids got changed and we got back in the car hoping to drive for hours before having to stop again.  Well, sometime when we got into Virginia (only about 2 hours later), Kailey started stinking up the back seat    so we made a quick pullover at the next rest area which happened to be at a McDonalds and I discovered that she had not only pooped, but it had escaped the diaper, clumped in her pants leg, up the back and was therefore all over.  The bathroom was the smallest, most crowded bathroom ever so I was smushed in a corner while people waited on line to get in one of the 2 stalls while Kailey proceeded to stink up the ENTIRE bathroom.  Gross.

Thankfully Colin was good due to technology and many episodes of Mickey and Baby Signing Time, but Kailey wasn't so happy the last hour.  However, we made it and are relaxing today.  Don't be jealous, but Colin will be hanging with his bud Bennett tomorrow and we will get to see the rest of the Donovan family from Our Unexpected Journey! We are super excited! I can't wait to see the boys play basketball together (or so I can  So much has changed since this visit in July!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Monday, December 26, 2011

Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas!

I think one day Chris and I will say, "remember Christmas of 2011?  You know, the one where everyone was sick and not feeling well, when Colin was up at 5am crying and wasn't completely into opening Santa's gifts?"  And although Christmas this year wasn't completely what I was expecting and hoping for, I am blessed to BE with my family and celebrate with them.  So, despite it not being everything I had expected, it was everything I could ever want...

Just a few pictures from the weekend...

Kailey's first Christmas...she truly enjoyed herself!

We had a FEW moments of kids cooperating for photos...

Colin's favorite gift!

Happy all weekend!

One of the only moments Colin would cooperate Christmas morning...

One of my favorites :)

Happy girl!

...and just a short video of Colin's favorite Christmas present...

Friday, December 23, 2011

The Day Before Christmas Eve

I would say that today, Colin is feeling better, just not great yet.  We had a follow up trip to the doctor today and she even commented on how much better Colin looked than when she saw him on one of his worst days.  Unfortunately for us (which I knew we had to do), Colin needs to finish the dosages for 7 more days, which is torturous.  I know he needs it, but we HATE giving it since he fights it so much.  

When we got home from the doctor, Colin asked for ice cream which he finished and he is now currently working on pudding.  Even that is an improvement from yesterday, so I will take it.  

Unfortunately, Daddy is still miserable :(  Everyone needs to get better NOW!! :(

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Another Update

When I left for work this morning, Colin was just waking up and he looked miserable.  I felt so horrible for him but when I got home, he looked so much better.  I was so happy because he even wanted to eat ice cream (2 bowls!).  It was a bright spot of the day...

However, it was short-lived because he didn't want to take a nap, I tried walking them and neither of them slept, and then at the end of the night, he was very weepy and wouldn't eat anything else.  The most frustrating thing of all for me as his mommy is that he won't take his medicine!  If only he knew how much better that would make him!!

Hoping tomorrow is a better day :(

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Thanks for all of the earlier comments on the last post I put up today.  Dr. Uma must have had a lot of messages on her machine today needing appointments because she decided to see patients for a little bit today for sick kids.  So, Chris took Colin over and my poor baby has strep throat and an upper respiratory infection.  His lungs were clear, so we were very happy about that.  However, as many of you know, we face challenges when it comes to putting new things in Colin's mouth.  Therefore, he has NOT been very receptive to any of the medication to treat his infections.  I just have this knot of worry in my stomach because while we typically would then try to "hide" the medicine, Colin doesn't want ANYTHING to eat (including ice cream!) so this trick isn't working either.  We managed to get the first round in tonight after 3 attempts that blatantly FAILED.  I just hope he feels better enough in the morning tomorrow that he wants to eat and then we can hide a little bit more.  

The only thing he got excited for tonight was a bath.  When he was done, i got him all nice and cozy in his bathrobe (was handed down to him from his buddy Liam!).  He looked so cute.  

Unfortunately, Chris doesn't feel well either, and I am fighting the headache and achiness which has all made me feel pretty bummy and kind of put a damper on my Christmas spirit at the present moment.  Hoping everyone feels better soon!

My Poor Baby

My poor baby is sick and has been for days now.  It started out earlier this week as what seemed like a cold and then he became more and more congested.  Through the week he has been eating less and less to the point now where he really is only drinking juice.  Yesterday after I got home from work, he looked really pale, so I picked him up and was holding him with him laying on my chest when he all of a sudden threw up all over me.  It was a one time thing, so I really think it's because of the mucus in his stomach.  He doesn't seem to have a fever, but is very mopey and not doing much other than lay around.  I feel so bad and stressed of course with Christmas being this weekend.  I just want everyone healthy and happy as we are all greatly looking forward to it...

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I'm So Lucky!

Every morning I am out of the house by 6:40am to get to work to get some things accomplished before my kids come in.  It's tough for me because most of the time I only get a quick hug and a kiss from all three before walking out the door because they are all only waking up (at best) when I am leave.  We are fortunate that Chris has somewhat of a flexible morning schedule so that he is available to be there for therapy and take the kids to school on his way to work. 

Because I feel like I miss out, Chris is always very good about sending me pictures to work so that when I get a free moment, I can take a look and see what everyone is up to.  Unfortunately, Colin is not feeling well at all, so Chris (thankfully) could stay home with them.  I am so worried about him getting better before Christmas!  He really won't eat much so I am starting to think he has a sore throat.  Fortunately, we already have a trip to the pediatrician planned for Thursday for Kailey's checkup. 

Here's what they have been up to yesterday and today...

Kailey learned from the best how to get in trouble!

This picture said that she was all over the place (I love to hear that one!)

Hi Mommy!

On her way to school yesterday

Hi Mommy again!

Getting into trouble yesterday (still manages to do that even when he isn't feeling well!)
I'm so thankful for ALL that you do Chris!

Monday, December 19, 2011

An Addendum

Last night, Colin ate a whole bowl of pastina with sauce all by himself which is something he hasn't eaten in months!  We were so excited that Chris and I were practically dancing around the table while he ate.  

Unfortunately, he absolutely refused to eat it tonight and wanted nothing to do with it.  In fact, all he ate was pudding for dinner which we are hoping we can attribute to the fact that he doesn't feel well.  Either way, we are making some small gains!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Early Christmas Present

Chris and I feel like Christmas came early this year.  You know that one Christmas present that stands out above all of the rest in your childhood?  Well, for us, it's the fact that Colin is mostly feeding himself all meals now!  I have been pretty mum on it the past week because it's one of those things I didn't want to rush to post about since it was so new and he just started doing it, but he's REALLY feeding himself!  The funniest thing about it is that he wants to do it by himself now because when you put the bowl down in front of him, he waves and says "bye" (his way of saying leave me alone).  

We have been waiting a really long time for this!  A lot is happening at once over here!

Christmas 2011

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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Brother and Sister Part II

For the first few months that Kailey was here, I was desperately waiting for those moments that I could capture on camera of Colin and Kailey playing and laughing together. It took much longer than I expected, but their relationship has really been flourishing lately. There are more and more moments where I will find the two of them "talking" to each other, laughing, and actually playing together.

I was in the middle of doing something tonight, so I quickly put Colin and Kailey on Colin's bed together and they were having the best time. It truly does warm my heart to hear laughter from the two of them because they are having so much fun. Of course, those moments are sandwiched by lots of moments that I wouldn't want to advertise on here, but based on MY experiences of having two brothers and a sister, it isn't always laughter and fun.

Just a few moments I was fortunate enough to get...

...unprompted hugs for his sister...

...although it looks like he is about to bite her, he is actually hugging her and trying to say cheese at the same time...

...and then we start to get a bit on the rough side...

But, it's fun again on the floor...

...and sneaking away to the "secret hiding place"...

They are so cute together!