Monday, July 25, 2011

Good Company

The quotation that sits under my headshot in my yearbook senior of high school says "Good Company on a journey makes the way seem shorter". I used that quote because I had had a really good four years of high school and I had attributed it to the fact that I spent those years with friends who I loved and adored.

If you ask me now, I can describe to you exactly how I felt when the doctor told us they were testing Colin for Down Syndrome. I can tell you exactly how I felt when I saw him laying there on his little warming bed so tiny and I can certainly describe to you how I felt when the doctor called a week later and confirmed the diagnosis. I honestly could not understand why it was something that was "happening" to Chris and I.

While I can describe to you those feelings, I can also tell you now that I am thankful that my journey started that day. I hopped on the computer, started a blog (not even sure where I got that idea) and wanted to vent about my feelings. However, once I started I realized I liked talking about it and as the days went by, I started to find that I had lots of company on my journey. Of course our friends and family joined it with us, but, I found I had company who completely understood what I felt, who had tips and suggestions, who celebrated when we did and cried when we did. I had company that I could talk to when things weren't always easy.

Some of our company on this journey is the Donovan family and we just love them! You can find them at Our Unexpected Journey, and can read about our beach day with them here! We got to spend a day with them at the beach a week ago and had a great time together. Colin and Bennett are just one month apart, and share a lot of the same struggles (well, us moms and dads share a lot of the same struggles) and a lot of the same cuteness for sure!

Look at these handsome little boys!!

Colin and Bennett are so similar in many ways but certainly have their own unique personalities. It has been really nice for me because Bennett and Colin have the same types of struggles and I have been able to have someone to talk to when things aren't always easy. Sometimes you just need someone who understands. Although we have only seen them a few times in person, we were sad to find out they were going to be leaving our general area and heading down to North Carolina! :( We had to get all we could get in our day until we see them again at Christmas time (my brother lives where they are moving to!

Colin had a good time showing off his turf at the beach. Bennett is one lucky little boy because when I watch his older sisters interacting with the younger kids, I just know that they are going to care, love and support him always. I really enjoyed watching them in the water having such a great time!

Good company? Nah, I'd say great company. Thank you Mike, Adrienne, Ainsely, Harper and Bennett for a truly wonderful day! We are going to miss you, but thankful we have blogland!

(My little good-bye open mouthed kiss....oh how I love him so!)


stephanie said...

oh what fun! Beautiful pics of all the kids. And I love that quote, so, so true.

Nana said...

Although it's been a bumpy journey, we have all learned what the true meaning of love is, how it feels to love Colin and his friends, and how much he loves us back! I can honestly say that Colin has taught me so much, patience being #1! But more importantly unconditional love and all the benefits that come with it! We have been truly blessed with our 4 beautiful children and now 2 beautiful grandchildren! We also have been truly blessed that our children have found Chris, Kristine, and Val! I have truly relearned what love is! Love, Nana