Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Happy 4 Months Kailey!

Happy 4 months to our beautiful little girl Kailey Ann! It is amazing how fast these past 4 months have gone by, and we have certainly been enjoying all that a little girl has brought to our house.

Kailey is a very spunky little girl and she certainly likes her attention! In fact, when she wants something, she wants it right. then. or else you will hear about it. Kailey is generally an easy going baby, except for that instance when she wants her bottle or her attention in a specific moment. She is sleeping about 11 hours per night and hasn't been the best napper (she likes to take lots of cat naps during the day), but somehow when she has spent some days with Nana at the beach she has napped almost 3 hours a few days in a row!

She is very strong and we are learning that things are very different than they are with Colin. We are constantly reminded with her that we need to stay on our toes as she is trying to leap out of the boppy pillow or her bouncy seat if she is sitting in it. She has really great control of her head and neck, so she can play for an extended period of time in her johnny jumper or exersaucer. She does not like tummy time, so even though we forcer her, she does not last long enough to even attempt to roll over yet. This is one area where Colin has her beat because he rolled over at 4 weeks old!

We have been trying to give her cereal for the past month and she is having a hard time with it. I think she has a really strong gag reflex so anytime you put the spoon in her mouth, you are unsure how much of her bottle is going to come out at you. Despite the fact that Colin has significant difficulties with feeding now, he did really well with the cereal and even fruits and veggies so we are adjusting to Kailey not taking to it right away. One thing we have certainly learned from Colin is that we will just keep plugging along until she is ready.

Kailey loves interacting with everyone and she follows us as we walk around her and talk to her. She particularly loves her brother and you can just see it when she watches him and interacts with him. Despite the fact he is often rough with her, she laughs and smiles at him anyway. I think once Colin continues to get used to the fact that she isn't going anywhere and he has to share his attention, these two will have a great "buddy" relationship. I can't wait to see it grow and develop!!

Here is a short video of the two of them playing together and how Kailey will laugh and smile at her big brother. I love watching the two of them together, especially when Colin thinks no one is watching!

Happy 4 months Kailey girl! We love you so much and can't wait to see how you are going to continue to grow and change! Love, your mommy, daddy and big brother Colin xoxoxoxxoox


ch said...

Happy four months!!! I love the second photo of her sweet hat peeking up over her bumbo. Just sweet as can be. Is it weird for Chris to see what a miniature version of himself in a little pink swimsuit looks like? xoxox

stephanie said...

Happy 4 months Kailey!! Time flies!
she is just beautiful and I love the video! Love how she looks at Colin.

Deanna said...

She is so beautiful! I can't believe she's already 4 months old!

Kelly said...

WOW...4 months already....she is ADORABLE (as is her BIG brother too)!!!

Jenny said...

How sweet was that video!! I cant believe Kailey is four months old already!!

Natalia said...

I LOVE this video!!!! The two of them together makes me melt, and I also can't wait to see their relationship continue to grow over time! It's so exciting!!! :)