Monday, July 11, 2011


Here is an excerpt of a typical conversation with Colin these days:

Me: Hi Colin! How was your day? I missed you!

Colin: No

Me: Do you want to eat?

Colin: No.

Me: Can I please have a kiss?

Colin: No.

Me: Please?

Colin: No (and then obliges)

Me: Colin, do you want to read a book?

Colin: No.

Me: Are you my favorite little boy?

Colin: No.

Me: Do you want ice cream?

Colin: {big smile} sssssssssss (means yes).

Colin's absolute favorite word these days is no. You can ask him a question, make a statement, or tell him you love him and he will say no. There are a few things he loves though, and you will amost never hear him say no when he is involved in whatever those things are: playing with a ball, eating ice cream, or being on the beach. We say all of the time that if it wasn't getting slightly old, it would be cute because you get an idea of what his voice is going to be like and it's as clear as anything. He is also starting to really test his limits now and boy oh boy are we repeating ourselves over and over again. If you are new to this journey, belive me, your child WILL BE more alike than different. Colin is a typical 2 year old. Attitude, sass, misbehaving, trouble making and all.

We are still struggling with the feeding issues. Colin WILL NOT try anything new. Colin WILL NOT put something crunchy or solid in his mouth. Do we keep trying, of course. Is it easy? Not at all. I suppose one day this is something that will start to change, but to be honest, we are still waiting for that day. We still place the spoon in his mouth a certain way and give chin support, but it doesn't feel like it's changing any of his eating behaviors...

...and he has picked up some odd behaviors. Touching his head or pulling his hair when taking a bite...

...and now pushing our hand away when we try and give chin support. I am hoping our struggles STILL have to do with his teeth since his eye teeth are still coming through among others, but I am hoping to see a change in time for school. I am wary about sending him back to school in September with him still needing to be fed. Just makes me very uncomfortable. That is where that protective mom feeling comes in where I just want to swoop in, stay home from work every day so I can feed him and keep from having to send him to school to be fed by his teacher (nothing against them, just don't want it to have to be that way!).

Yes, I know we will get there. Hopefully sooner than later!


In Kailey news, I think we have been limiting her! I broke out the exersaucer and johnny jumper and she has been so happy. I guess I never expected that she would be able to do this so soon! She loves it and it's so cute to watch her in them with Colin entertaining her. She just loves him and laughs at him constantly.

...and tonight, we caught her sleeping with her leg sticking out.

We are having fun with both of them this summer! Have a good night!


stephanie said...

Gosh they're both getting so big!! em has started saying "yes" which is just as entertaining as "no". It just makes her seem more agreeable than she actually is.

Wren said...

I never thought Landon would say 'yes' to anything; I swear that kid said 'no' to everything even things we knew he liked! I don't blame you one bit for being protective and wanting to stay home just to feed's a parents right to be protective and want to control those types of situations! I'll continue to send good 'eating' vibes your way; one day it will click for Colin I just know it!

As for Kailey, she's cute as a button and getting SO big! I think that having Sutter after Landon I tend to push or expect too much! I look back at having him in the jumper at 4 to 5 months old because that's when we put Landon in it...not sure he was ready but I just didn't know any different! LOL

Sweet Pea's Mommy said...

That is too funny! Just tonight I pulled down the exersaucer and jumper from the attic and Angel LOVED the jumper. We will be trying the exersaucer tomorrow, but I am sure she will love it as well. I am completely with you in regards to not expecting them to be ready for things so quickly. I really got accustomed to how slow Sweet Pea is with everything. Oh well... Kailey is just adorable and I love watching her and Colin build their relationship.

Good luck with the feeding. I know it is frustrating, but you are doing the right thing and eventually it will click.

Monica said...

You have adorable children!!! John Michael had a no phase, too, which was followed by the yes phase. It's pretty funny... he'll say yes to almost anything until he realizes what we're asking and then says, "No". I'll take the yesses any day over the no's, but both are important stages :-)

Jennie said...

ALL three of my boys went through the "no" stage. They would say "no" without even listening to the question.

I'm sorry about the feeding issues. Stinks that he's being such a stinker. I do hope he gets past it soon.