Thursday, April 28, 2011

Annual Review

Wow, time flies! We had Colin's annual IFSP meeting today (which was a tad bit early to accommodate our schedule) to discuss his progress in the last 6 months and to make a plan for the next 6 months. We are incredibly lucky to have the service coordinator that we do because she is amazing! She is so accommodating to ALL of our needs and she really is just so caring and understanding. It's unfortunate we only get to see her once every 6 months!

While these meetings have never been stressful because we have such a great relationship with all of Colin's therapists, I never used to like to hear the "numbers" of Colin's assessments because they showed the delays that we were facing in each area of development. However, today, there was so much to reflect on in terms of how far Colin has come that those numbers are a cause for celebration because they show how HARD he has worked to get to where he is today. He has made such great strides in each area. Colin's PT discussed reducing the number of sessions per week once he is walking because she knows it is coming soon, his speech therapist gushed over how great his receptive language is, and the OT is so happy with how well his pincer grip has developed since she started working with him. We all discussed adding developmental therapy back just to focus on age appropriate items like behavioral play such as finishing tasks when started because they will be so important for when he goes to school.

Speaking of which, our service coordinator discussed preschool! Yikes! I know it is a year away, but since we meet in 6 month increments AND we will begin touring our options in 6 months from now, she had to tell us what our options actually are now. There is a lot to think about and deserve its own post so I won't get into it now, but I am both excited and nervous about the thoughts of this transition. So, since it is literally a YEAR away, I'm not even going to think about this tonight.

Aside from the meeting, Colin, Kailey and I had an exciting day as we went to visit both Grandad and Nana's jobs! Coincidentally it was "take your kid to work day" so it seemed appropriate that we were there. We were so fortunate that so many people from both places of employment were very generous in their donations for the polar bear plunge, so it was nice for them all to see Colin. They were both gushed over and although Colin was shy at first in Grandad's office, he became quite friendly waving to everyone in the cafeteria as he ate his lunch. By the time we got to Nana's job, I realized that his mechanism for when he is nervous is to give lots of kisses to whoever is holding him, I'm guessing for the reassurance that we are there. My mom is a teacher in the district that I grew up and went to school in, and the school that she teaches in is where I attended 1st through 4th grade, so it was quite nostalgic for me as I got to go back and see what it was like now. I even got to see my 2nd and 4th grade teachers as well as my favorite science teacher from high school. It was a lot of fun for me to show off my kids at both places!

My little Kailey girl seems to be growing like a weed these days. The differences between the two are evident every day, especially when it comes to eating habits. Kailey does really well drinking her bottles (it was a struggle for us every day with Colin, but are you surprised?) so it's really helpful right now as we are still working hard with Colin's feeding. Whether or not Colin had DS, I know there would be big differences between the two, so it's interesting to me to see how different each child is. I'm sure it's always going to be interesting!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Beautiful Day

As I type, I can hear U2's "Beautiful Day" playing in my WAS a beautiful day, although I was feeling a tad bit bummy today...

...I'm guessing it's a combination of things between feeling like there is a ton of things to do (without any time to do it...I am guessing that is welcome to having 2 kids!), the fact that I am going back to work on Monday (although, it's only for 5 weeks or so so I will survive), frustrations with feeding (is that anything new?), and despite my best efforts not to be, feeling a TINY bit impatient when it comes to Colin's walking. I HAVE learned to take things slow and enjoy the ride, but I just can't wait for all that we can do when Colin is walking in terms of having fun. It's getting tough always carrying Colin and the baby in the carrier everywhere, but I guess the positive way to look at that is that it's probably helping me ever so slightly get back in shape! I took the kids to the park today and when I pulled into the parking lot, it was packed with kids and was not the type of equipment that Colin could climb independently. I wasn't sure what I would do having Kailey and Colin and having to carry him everywhere, so I turned around and headed for the little River Beach next door instead. I felt bad, but managing it on my own seemed daunting.

This morning, Colin was sporting a new pair of pajamas (24 months) and he couldn't keep them up! I'm thinking I'm going to have to make some exchanges on all of the 24 months/2T shorts that Colin got for his birthday!

In between therapy and Colin's 2 year checkup, I had him watching Baby Signing Times and I love to watch him mimic Rachel and the kids. His receptive language has been great lately! I put him in his new lawn/beach chair and surprisingly he stayed in it for most of the video.

Fortunately, the little beach that we went to had a baby swing and I can't get over how tall and like a big boy Colin looks in this picture! I got him to keep the hat on for a very short period of time and then there was nothing I could do to keep it on his head. I think he looks so adorable, but he does not care for it...

He enjoyed playing in the sand immensely, as well as putting it in his hair. When we got home, I quickly bathed him and had to spend 10 minutes combing the sand out of his hair. I didn't want to show up at the doctor's office with chunks of sand in there! I saw glimpses of what our life this summer at the beach is going to be like!

Exhibit #1 why I can't wait for Colin to start walking....his poor knees were beat red and a little swollen from all of the crawling he did on the rocky sand and carpet at home!

At his 2 year checkup, Colin weighed in at 23 lbs and 3 ounces, exactly 17 pounds and one ounce bigger than on the day he was born. Although he is only in the 3rd percentile for weight (I love the fact that his pediatrician DOESN'T use the DS charts), he gained about 9 ounces since February. He is in the 50th percentile for height and head size (no worries there!). She spent so much time just hanging out with us and chatting/gushing over Colin. We also discussed what's coming up in terms of the recommendations for children with DS, suggestions I had for giving information out to new parents, and the fact that she would refer us to a parent who may have just gotten a diagnosis of DS for their new baby at birth (she is also the head of neonatology at the hospital I delivered both kids). I just love her so much and would HIGHLY recommend her to any new parent seeking a pediatrician.

Despite the fact I tried rocking Colin for a late nap after returning from the doctor, he wanted nothing to do with it. I was slightly irritated until he just started puckering up and kissing me over and over again with a huge smile on his can you be irritated at that 23 pound 3 ounce ball of love??

Monday, April 25, 2011

Wii Bowl

I should preface this story by telling you that for as long as we can remember, Colin has always done this thing with his feet when he gets excited. We notice him doing this when he is watching Mickey Mouse and most especially, some kind of sporting event on TV (preferably basketball!). As he gets excited, he flexes his feet and straightens out his legs. It's hard to explain (but you will see it in the video).

This weekend when my family was playing Wii bowling, Colin was getting excited as he watched all of us take our turns (especially Daddy). This video captures Colin's "excited feet" pretty well as wii bowl!

Our New Look

I'm so thankful to LC and Jace's Mommy Courtney at one of my favorite blogs, Pudge and Zippy, for making our new header!! I think I have FINALLY figured out how to do it and which program to do it in, so I won't need the help of Courtney and Adrienne at Our Unexpected Journey to do my "dirty work" [wink wink]. I am excited at the creative prospects!!

I am working on making some new changes so bear with me! We had to add our new little girl to the mix!!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter Weekend!

It has been a long, but fun weekend celebrating Easter! We don't forget the reason why we are celebrating (and we are very thankful for that reason), however, you wouldn't think we were very good Christians when we showed up in our Sunday best either an hour late or an hour early! Yes, that's right...we were not aware of the change in sermon times and showed up at the normal service time (10 am) when the services were either 9am or 11am! Yikes! We were embarrassed! It was very nice to get to see everyone, but I wish we had made it on time!

On Saturday, we were expecting a very special guest, so the kids got dressed and ready. Kailey wasn't very happy, and in this picture, Colin doesn't look happy with the fact that she wasn't happy...

Guess who that special guest was? The Easter Bunny!! Check out this video of Colin meeting the Easter bunny. I can assure you they were better friends last year!

Later in the morning, my family came (minus my brother Tim in NC) to celebrate. Colin was in better spirits and happy to snuggle with those he actually knew (and who talked back!)...

Kailey was very relaxed and chill and hanging out on Aunt Kimmy's lap...

Last year we resurrected a childhood tradition of dying Easter eggs...Colin had a lot of fun making a mess, but it was fun!

Colin's teeth are still causing a big problem, so he was a little off during the day. He certainly felt better after sharing some chocolate cream pie with Grandad!

Kailey was content hanging out in her swing...

and hanging out on Grandad's lap...

...before bed, Colin snuggled with Grandad and Nana.

This morning, Colin checked out his Easter basket from that very same bunny he was not a fan of!

...Kailey was dressed in her Sunday best and looking pretty as always...

and then they posed together for some brother/sister shots...

...later in the day, the Tobin family came to celebrate Easter with us. Uncle Brian got his snuggle time with Kailey.

...while Grandpa and Colin played together.

Just after dinner, Colin was so exhausted that he fell asleep on Aunt maureen...

so she put him down in his crib and 2 minutes later, this is what we found...

Guess that was shortlived. Right after we picked him up, he started to fall asleep on Uncle Brian!

We celebrated with Gammy's traditional bunny cake :)

...later tonight, Uncle Jason and Colin were blowing bubbles together...and having fun!

...after everyone left, we attempted to go for a walk, got to the driveway, and it started to rain!

...It was definitely a fun Easter!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Birthday Recap

Yesterday we celebrated Colin's actual birthday with a pizza and some ice cream. Colin has not been himself for days now because his top two eye teeth are about to break through. He can be happy one minute and then a sobbing mess the next. It's been tough because we miss our happy go lucky little boy ALL of the time.

Needless to say, we had some GREAT moments yesterday, and then some not so great moments. One of his highlights was the fact we bought a new swing since I had broken the one by accident that was left here. He LOVED it!

When it was time to eat dinner, he was not happy, but as soon as I took out the camera to document the not-happy Colin, he cheese balled it up for me.

We put his two birthday candles in his pureed pizza and although he wasn't happy at first...

...he did in fact blow out the candles.

But then, not happy Colin was back...

...until we opened his presents.

...but then not-happy Colin was back on the ride to get ice cream.

...until he saw Meredith and actually ATE his ice cream.

So overall, it was a pretty good day. We can't believe out little boy is 2!! We just hope these teeth arrive soon!!

...and then just a fun video for you. He got a new Mickey doll from Mema and Penka and was enjoying singing along, until Mickey decided to tell a joke. That did NOT make Colin happy. Once he started singing the clubhouse song, all was well again...