Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Home is Where the Heart is

No one likes getting up early in the morning and having to leave for work, but when you get a send off like this, it can start anyone's day off perfectly...

I am so blessed to have these 3 in my life!

Monday, April 29, 2013

The Weekend

Week #2 of soccer did not go as well as week #1.  While we seemed to have gotten off to a good start in the beginning (which is where MOST of the following pictures came from) he lost interest very quickly.  No matter what we tried (including helping him on the field) we could not get him to stay involved.  I would have been happy if he just ran around on the field.  

I won't lie and say that I wasn't disappointed with how things went even though I know that it's not uncommon for kids this age to not stay and be involved for the whole time.  I was thankful for a man that was there who was watching us try and keep Colin involved and he pointed out to me that it took several weeks with some of his older sons before they would even walk out on the field.  

I am sure that with time, he will start to get more involved and we'll have better weeks ahead.  I think I was disappointed this week because I wanted him to show that it doesn't matter that he has Down Syndrome, that he would participate and play just like the other kids.  It's ok, he can just do that another week.  

The rest of the weekend was just as busy.  Chris worked and the kids and I made our way down to see Uncle Pat and Aunt Kristine at their house.  It was a beautiful day for the park!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

A Really Good Day

Chris and I were REALLY proud of Colin today!  He did pretty well with the potty (generally stayed dry most of the day on his hourly schedule INCLUDING when waking up from nap!).  He did well with swim lessons and then, ate ziti!!


On top of that, Kailey was pretty her typical cute and funny self so it was just a GREAT day!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Our Nemesis

I can assure you that before I complain discuss our potty training woes, we will continue to truck along, but every now and then I feel like we need to take a breather, let it out, and then move on.  

We despise potty training.  I won't lie, I feel like I am a pretty good Mom but this whole potty training thing is one of the most frustrating things I have had to tackle to date.  Granted, we have had to tackle a lot of things but THIS thing is #1 on my list as the thing I hate the MOST.  

Generally, I would say that potty training is going ok.  We are on a pretty regular schedule of putting Colin on the potty about once an hour give or take depending on what we are doing.  We travel everywhere with a backpack that has a potty seat in it so that Colin can go on a normal seat anywhere.  We arrive places, find a bathroom, and he goes before we leave different places.  This schedule works out ok for the most part, but Colin still doesn't tell us when he has to go and there are days he can go hours and stay dry and other days, he is wet in less than an hour.  There seems to be no consistency to what the day will bring nor does there seem to be any sort of pattern that has emerged.  

Colin is also the master at pinching off his stream so I think there are times he will tell us that he is all done and will be insistent that he doesn't have to go anymore, but then we find him wet at the next sitting.  I think that because he does this, he often let's go the last little bit that he didn't go on the potty (which is why he is often only slightly wet).  

He pretty much complains whenever it's time to go but for me, he generally doesn't give me a hard time.  However, there are days that he puts up a bigger (crying) fit for Chris when it's time to go even though most days he prefers Chris for any other activity.  

I know that people literally tackle this for a year (or years...ugh) so I know we need to just continue to be consistent but ugh, this is NOT fun!  Today I had to clean up the public restroom floor yet again because the stream just couldn't stay in the potty.  I have had to let some of my fears of public restroom germs go because of the amount of times I have had to clean up different things because of Colin's potty training.  

Ok, I'm done complaining (for now) so we will just keep pushing through...

Monday, April 22, 2013

The Celebrations

Our kids have been REALLY lucky when it has come to celebrating their birthdays this year!  It's been a busy month enjoying Colin and Kailey and the fact they are turning a year older.  They were surprisingly good when it came to their birthdays this year, especially in being patient for each other's birthday.  Both of them were willing to have the other help open their presents or would sit patiently waiting and watching. Both have been really excited for the other and have loved being sung to.  

After celebrating Kailey's birthday the day of, we had a joint birthday party with family and close friends a few weeks ago.  

What was really funny when it came time to sing happy birthday was the fact that Kailey was REALLY shy and had a funny look on her face the whole time.  Colin LOVED the spotlight and even showed how much he loved it after everyone cheered when he blew out the candles.  

This past Friday night, we ended up having a pizza party at our house with Colin's friends from his public school class and daycare class.  We decided to have it because Colin has been invited to quite a few parties from his classes and we thought it might be fun to meet some new kids and parents and celebrate with Colin. This was our first "kid" party and it was fun!  In total, we had 16 kids, including Colin and Kailey with at least one parent for each child.  They weren't into the pizza part because they were having so much fun playing, but they really enjoyed singing and having the ice cream cake/cupcakes.  

Now, I regret to say that I was awful with picture taking at this party mostly because I wanted to make sure that everything was going smoothly since it was a bit hectic and because I never really thought about it in the moment (of course AFTER the fact I did).  Colin's daycare friends took a group picture together and I must say that it melted my heart to see him posing with his friends that he's been with since the infant room.  They are clearly comfortable with each other so it was cute to see.  He had a few friends from the public school so it was fun to meet new parents and see him interact with those friends as well.  All in all I would say that it was a success!

Finally, ON Colin's birthday, we took the kids to the boardwalk to go on some rides.  It was a PERFECT day for it because the boardwalk was pretty deserted so we didn't have to wait and the kids could go on and off whatever ride they wanted.  They definitely have their preferences.  I have so much fun watching them this year because they just laugh and giggle as they ride the rides.  

We capped the day off with some birthday ice cream and playing in the driveway.  We had a lot of fun celebrating with the kids this year.  The key for us was making it fun but keeping it as simple as possible.  What a fun few weeks!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Happy 4th Birthday Colin!

Happy 4th birthday (a day late) to our beautiful little boy Colin!  It's hard to believe that 4 years have flown by and that Colin is evolving into a funny, strong willed, independent little guy!  

In years past, I put up posts on Colin's birthday talking about how "far we had come" from that first day he was born but to be honest, the further away we get from his actual birth day, the less we think about how the beautiful gift we had received was actually quite a shock.

We are so extremely proud of all that Colin has accomplished in the past year and it is a lot of fun watching him change on a daily basis.  Celebrating Colin's birthday is all about celebrating the amazing little boy that he is and we certainly had a lot of fun doing it!

These days, Colin is turning into a really sweet and loving (not like he wasn't already) little guy but it's evolving into a more "mature" kind of sweetness.  He takes care of our boo boos, gives hugs and kisses when needed and is so polite saying please and thank you for everything.  

While he can get overwhelmed in "crowded" situations, it often doesn't take long for him to warm up to whoever he is with.  

Colin, we are so proud of you and love you so very much! Happy 4th birthday to one AMAZING little boy!! xoxo

Thursday, April 18, 2013

All About Kailey

I had to do a post devoted to Kailey today because she has just been oozing personality lately.  Most days I can't help but laugh at my silly little girl, but there are those days, like last night, where she can be a bit tough to take!  I look at pictures and can't get over how she is really 2 going on 13!  She knows exactly what she wants, WHEN she wants it, and she has no problem expressing those wants in whatever way will work.  She has been talking so well lately and some of the things she says just cracks us up!

"No, no Coooonnninnnn! That's not nice!"
"Ohhhh, Con-nin!"
"Mommy? What's that?" (with a shocked look on her face)
"Ohhhh goodness!"
"No Con-nin! That's kailey's!"

I also can't help but melt when I catch her doing things independently that are just so darn cute.  I can't get over how she talks to her babies and takes care of them so sweetly.  She has really been into the play kitchen lately and the little tea sets she has and she gives Daddy his "really hot coffee" in the morning.  

She is the first child I have ever met who is NOT a morning person in any way shape or form.  She is the crankiest child I know when getting up in the morning.  Not at ALL like her brother...

I love this little girl more than words can say.  

Why NOT have a tea party in the bathroom?

This is the carefully throw herself on the floor tantrum that she was having last night.  Well, one of the MANY.

This girl LOOOOVES wearing her sunglasses.

One of my all time favorite pictures of her (at this moment anyway)....it cracks me up EVERY time I look at it because if pictures could speak, this one would tell you EXACTLY what her personality has been like lately.

I love the fact that she is her own unique little girl and I also love the fact that she surprises me every day.