Wednesday, September 29, 2010

So Sorry...

...that it's been forever since I last updated! We finally have a new computer, but now I can't get my pictures to transfer from my camera to the computer!!

I have so much to update on including our visit with blog friends Bennett & family from Our Unexpected Journey and Anna & family from Banana Pants which I have been dying to show pictures from! I know most of you have already seen their posts, and if you haven't, take a trip to their blogs for the visit! Hopefully I will get this all figured out soon!

Today was Colin's picture day at I thought I would give you a quick view of what our handsome little boy looked like.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Yay for New Skills!

We have been noticing that in the past week or so, Colin has been able to get into the sitting position by himself. Although it's not always the correct way of doing it, he is still getting there and it's another one of those skills that makes us so happy. It's just one step closer to being a little bit more independent and mobile.

Although we have been seeing him doing it a lot (on the carpet and on the hard floor), we have yet to see it in the crib, other than by "accident" in the middle of the night.

Until this morning...

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Kaia's 2nd Birthday

Colin's girlfriend Kaia celebrated her 2nd birthday this past Saturday at her family's home (yes, she is the older woman in the relationship, and she loves every minute of it!). We had a wonderful time as always, and Colin had so much fun!

Before we left for the party, Colin got into a little bit of trouble, so we decided to test out his 1st ever "timeout". I'm not quite sure he got the concept, since when he was in the corner, all he did was laugh and look back at us and smile, but hey, at least we tried something.

What did I do Mommy?

Colin and Kaia happy to see each other

Playing on the slide and swings...

A smooch for the love birds...

Playing in the grass...

Happy hugs...

This was at the end of the night adn I'm not sure WHAT I caught here!Happy Birthday Kaia! We love you! xoxoxoxo

Monday, September 20, 2010

New Baby

When we first had Colin, I thought getting pregnant again the 2nd time around would be completely different because even though not having children again really wasn't a plan of ours, I thought I would be laden with worry.

Sure, there have been a few times where I have been nervous when undergoing certain testing, or during the intial consultation, but I guess there really isn't much to worry about. Of course, we want a healthy baby, so there are the natural worries with that, but I don't think it's possible to ever have a pregnancy or child without worrying about something.

Because we "fell through the cracks" the 1st time around...meaning, we had all of the prenatal screening offered, but we didn't have any of the usual markers that you would find with a baby having DS, we have been monitored more closely this time around. We did have 1 "scare" early on with Colin where they found an echogenic cardiac focus on the heart so we were referred to a perinatal specialist. The specialist went through the anatomy of the heart, explained the function of the heart, and after thinking our baby had a cardiac problem, told us it was a marker for DS. However, he felt that he was pretty confident Colin didn't have DS because there were no other markers and our statistics were all coming back in a normal range. That day we went through a range of emotions, but the scared feeling eventually resolved because at our follow-up visit the doctor told us that the focus had resolved and "all was well" (we weren't a fan of his bedside manner).

So, this time around, we will be seeing a different perinatal specialist, just to have the Level II ultrasound . We really don't care either way to go, but I look at it as getting to see the baby more than normal (which I love doing). We turned down the amniocentisis because we know the results of it won't matter, and just opted for all of the normal screenings we had the 1st time around (which obviously didn't show anything anyway).

We do feel that some education is important, so as to prepare ourselves, and the baby, if the need was there due to health complications. However, we don't feel that for us, it is necessary to have the invasive testing because it isn't going to change our decision on bringing the baby into this world.

We are choosing to remain surprised about the gender (as we did for Colin) and this time around, we hope for the only surprise to be the gender (lol) although again, we will be prepared and ready to handle it if something else, like DS, were to come up.

To be honest, I worry more about the challenge of having 2 children as opposed to any medical issues. So far, everything has been great, and aside from some not so great nausea in the 1st trimester, I have been feeling pretty good. It is completely different the 2nd time around because I am so busy with Colin and a new job that time is going by much more quickly. In one of the ultrasounds that we were at, the baby was waving up a storm and I just felt like they were saying to me..."don't worry, everything is going to be ok". So in whatever capacity that means, we can't wait for baby #2 to get here :)

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Having Fun!

It's been fun seeing Colin have a little bit of an explosion lately with his gross motor skills. It's been a lot of fun to see and makes us feel proud because he is so motivated to go after what he wants...even if that means getting himself into trouble. Miss Kathy has been working on lots of different activities with him to improve his strength, and brought over a tunnel the other day. Surprisingly, he loved it!

Now that he is crawling all over the place, we are moving right on to the next step with standing and eventually walking. Colin is working really hard with this and it's fun to see his progress.

Some of the trouble he's been getting in to...And a fun video...

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Meeting New Friends

This past weekend, Colin and I had the most wonderful opportunity to meet our blog friends, Becca, Sammi and Steve. They were staying in Sea Isle and we were so happy to have the opportunity to come and see them during their vacation!
Sammi is such a beautiful little girl and greeted us at the door when we arrived with the biggest smiles and hugs. She was so happy to meet Colin and although it took him a few minutes to warm up, he had lots of fun playing with Sammi while Becca and I had a chance to talk. I loved having the opportunity to glimpse into the future and it was fun to see all of the great things sammi is doing! Thanks guys for a great day! I hope to get together again! :)

They were such cuties together!! I think Colin was smitten :)

Check out Becca's post here!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

And This Too!

Yep, we are also making strides in the feeding department! They are coming along slowly, but surely so that's all that matters. Colin is very interested in helping with the spoon, but still not so much with picking food up off of the tray.
Miss Regina, Colin's OT, thinks it has a lot to do with the lack of strength in his fingers individually so he still wants to pick things up with his whole hand. Colin's teacher at school said that she is helping him try to accomplish this skill, and of course, we still work on it too. I think it will be awhile, but at least he tries once in awhile.
Yesterday at lunch time we had a practice session of feeding with the straw and he did so well! He is doing great with the straw too, but we still need to supplement with the bottle because the straw works well on days that he chooses it to...

Saturday, September 11, 2010


I feel as though Colin's most recent big HUGE wonderful accomplishment has been overshadowed by the craziness in our household of all of the changes going on.
But...that doesn't change how proud we are of THIS little boy...

Yep, I broke out the "I did it!" shirt compliments of the Sanchez family at Three's a Charm AND Saving Sophia to highlight the fact that Colin is crawling all. over. the. place.

This new accomplishment makes all of happy...

...because Colin is free to get the toys he wants and come and find us! Last night I left him over in the family room doorway and headed to the bathroom. A few moments later, someone poked his head into the doorway! It's just amazing to see this new transformation!

It's funny because not so long ago (like a week or so before school started) I was a little upset that he wasn't yet crawling because I wanted him to be active with the other children in his class when going back to school. Well, he proved me wrong. He just decided he was ready...took off...and hasn't stopped since! I can't wait to see more of the transitions from lying to sitting, but he's still working on it. He'll show me one of these days!

Now that this little boy is more mobile, he IS getting himself into a bit more trouble. Like ripping one of the verticles off of our slider window today...

But right now, it doesn't even matter...we are just happy to see our little boy so happy moving all over the place!

We are so proud of your accomplishment Colin!! xoxoxxoxoxo

Thursday, September 9, 2010

How Cool Is This?

How considerate is my husband? I am saddened by the fact that I can not attend the majority of Colin's therapies anymore because of my new job, but it's a trade off because I get so much more time in general with him.

Chris knows how I have been feeling about the therapy lately, so he did this for me...

thinking i'd try to "tweet" "blog" the Speech Therapy...

started out by waking his mouth and hands... on the mouth she "rubbed" his cheeks, jaw and tried to get IN his mouth, but he wasn't having that - she said he's definately teething cuz she could feel bumps. Vibration on his lips before he eats would be huge too - see if he'll let you do the zvibe on them...

started playing with shapes - and she ENUNCIATES everything and tries to get him to follow her lead.

now playing with cookie monster... while working on signs and mouth movements... he just mimicked AHHH to open Cooke monster's mouth - and she that is so huge - mimicking a sound on command is great!

she just said, he's doing so well this morning... onto the gumball machine - working on B sounds, including ball

onto BUBBLES!!! Bah bah bah...pop pop pop... he just laid back into the boppy pillow and SAT UP on his own TWICE, now three times, 4, 5... he keeps flopping back though, and i'm not sure why... 6x - they are playing with animal blocks

sounded like he just did the ahhh for open, and hah for hop

he's up to 10-12 situps... he's gonna be TIRED ... he just mimicked a cough... she just opened the chicken block... and there's apparently a mom, and baby chkicken in it... she said, here's the mama - and he looked around for YOU

amy was just winking at colin, and he giggled - atta boy!!!!

he is now putting the blocks away into a bag... being a great helper

they are building an ice cream cone, and he's just sitting there staring at it with his mouth open - so funny!! ice cream is cold , brrrrrrrrrrrr... the cone thing is good for him - she got it at target. she said that marshall's has a good educational toy section - especially around the holidays - boutique type toys then

she just said HIS MOUTH IS WATERING - from the ice cream cone!! guess he deserves some tonight!

finishing up... he did excellent, great day... imitating more and more each week - he's on his way - gonna be a great talker

she suggested you buy those veggie sticks and grahma crackers for colin to use during therapy

occupational therapy:

i had asked regina last week about colin's banging his chin or head, and she thought about it over the week... she said she doessn't think its a sensory thing for him, but more behavioral, and to treat it like a behavior thing, which means saying NO, and taking him out of the situation/position.

she started by brushing him, then sat in high chair to try lil foods again - wanted nothing to do with it... seems tired after Speech... she then took a weekly pill box, and put lil animals in each day to get him to pick them out. she seems to think that he lacks "strength" in the 2 fingers which is why he uses the whole hand to pick up... work on trying to isolate the 2 fingers and picking up...

wouldn't use right hand at all to pick up

now on floor playing and doing some weight bearing exercises... she has him on the boppy in 'tummy time' position and doing reaching, grabbing and putting in a bucket

playing with an aligators mouth, and isolating the index finger to push down its teeth individually... both hands

working with different toys getting him to use certain fingers... playing very well with her, doign very well with imitation with her too

Both Amy and Regina love the bristle blocks, btw

regina working with bubbles now too... hoping he isolates finger to pop the bubble...

And sometimes I get pictures/videos as well. I am lucky to have such a considerate husband!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Therapy Updates

Whew...I know it's been a few days without posting, but please bear with me as I get into a new routine of teaching and preparing lessons and working on them at night. I had to update real quick tonight because I actually start to feel anxious if I don't get an update out there!!

Colin has taken off with the crawling. I almost feel like we've downplayed it a little bit because it was something we have waited so long for and then all of a sudden it's here! We get excited over all of the little things, including the fact that he does not sit still and he is starting to explore the house! It's so exciting and it makes me teary to see him enjoy his newfound freedom.

Guess what is also improving?

Colin is starting to get more and more comfortable bearing weight on his legs and standing! He will tolerate it more and more and even allow us to take our hands away for a quick few seconds. It's really exciting! The other day, Miss Kathy (PT) decided to try something new. She starting walking around Colin stamping her feet saying "step. step. step. step." over and over again. She would ask Colin if he wanted to try and with assistance, he starting stepping all over the place. He LOVES doing this and asks for more when you put him back down! It's challenging, but it's so cute and funny. Here's a quick video of "stepping".

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Guess What?

There was one other bit of news I "forgot" to mention in my last post...
Did you see what Colin's shirt says? Hmmm....well, look again!

That's right! Our sweet little Colin is going to be a big brother in March! We sure have been house, new job, new title, and new baby!
Colin and I tried a little photo shoot last night with an alternate way of telling the news, but that didn't go over so well...
Ok Mommy, I'll try to sit like a good little boy

But this sitting still thing is so hard!

Especially when I'm holding a big piece of paper that I just want to RIP!

I think I hear you in the background, but I'm too busy trying to rip the paper!

OH Mommy, you moved it to the floor?! I guess I'll just have to reach for it!

Uh oh, I'm kinda stuck! Good thing I can use my new skills and sit back up!

Hmmm, I guess I'll have to use another skill and turn around first...

and then get on the floor to the paper where I can rip my little heart out!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

First Day of School 2010

Today was Colin's 1st day of school for the 2010-2011 school year! Looking back at this post from his 1st day of school last year, I can't believe how much my little boy has changed! He is doing so many wonderful things and I am so proud of him as he starts this new school year after just learning how to combat crawl, sip through a straw, and participate in many songs and activities (stacking blocks, putting shapes in their correct holes, etc.).
This year is bringing lots of new things for all of us...the pictures this year were taken on the front steps of our new home, Daddy is starting the new school year with a new title and promotion, and I am switching from Athletic Trainer to middle school science teacher. You know what that means? More time with my family because I will no longer be working evenings, weekends and holidays in addition to a normal school day. WOOO HOOO!!!
I enjoyed taking the pictures this year on our front steps because I can see our family growing and changing on the 1st day of school for many years to come on these very steps...

Colin had a brand new shirt for his big 1st day. He is using the same backpack again this year (mostly because it's just so cute and frankly, doesn't need a new one just yet), but can you believe the difference from last year? He sat in a bumbo seat slumped a bit! This year he is sitting independently with his legs hanging on the 1st step!

This year was emotional for me in a different way...we don't have a fear of the unknown because Colin has done so well at his school and was so happy there last year. I am still sad to leave my little boy, especially when he came off of a great summer with lots of time spent together as a family. I know it was a really hard 1st part of the day for him, but just as I am finding now with a new job...the 1st steps are always the hardest. Sometimes, you even feel like crying...But then you perservere...

you work really hard and you just may be able to sleep on a mat like a big boy...

(or accomplish whatever challenges you may face)

Because as long as you have a good attitude, and you get past those 1st few steps, everything will be ok...

Happy 2010-2011 school year everyone!!