Thursday, May 31, 2012

Panicky Mommy

This week has not been filled with my finest Mommy moments.  I have panicked and relied on those around me for help with possible answers over fevers, crying kids, and now a limping little boy.  In fact, as an Athletic Trainer a few years ago, I had a basketball player whose tibia and fibula were fractured and just near coming through the skin and I was totally calm and under control.  However, with my own kids I have not been as calm as I should be.  

When I got home from work, Colin was his normal self but has seemed a bit more tired the past few days.  We went to his ice cream social at his school (his teachers were serving ice cream sundaes) and he even played a little bit afterwards. 

We went to Kohls and then came home.  He started whining a little bit (so was Kailey though) and then had more to eat for dinner.  I changed him into his pajamas, we were laughing and making silly faces, and then I put a new pair of sneakers on him (Nikes).  He was walking funny in them so I took them off and we put his old sneakers back on.  Right before we left to go for a walk he started crying hysterically and continued on for the first half.  He wouldn't walk at all.  We got him to walk for a little bit but it was slow and he was limping (kind of looks like he just got done riding a horse).  When we got home, I tried touching all over to see if he reacted or jumped, I rotated his hip to feel any clicking or rotating, pushed, twisted, and pulled and he was just really whiney.  Of course google told me it was either a dislocated hip, hip dysplasia, a virus in the hip, and other worst case scenarios.  My mind is racing with all of these possible causes (including when he slipped on the edge of the pool 2 weeks ago and landed on his upper groin area, but that doesn't seem plausible two weeks later).  

I got a short video of it and you can see the pained look when he first stands up on it.  It doesn't look as bad in this clip as we have seen it.  Hopefully he will just be better in the morning and all of my panic will be for naught. 

And to finish on a cute note; he was laying with Chris and they were practicing saying "I love you".

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That!

We had our official "kick off to summer" weekend this past weekend and it makes me really excited for what the next few months will be bringing us.  We are going to be spending our days on the beach (when we aren't working/going to school), traveling to DC for the National Down Syndrome Conference (who is going!?! We are so excited to meet so many of you in blogland!), and just having fun with whatever the days bring us.  

Yesterday, we celebrated Memorial Day with our good friends Simon, Leslie, and Becker.  I can't even begin to tell you how much I love babies and posing for pictures together.  Sometimes it amazes me how they really are like little adults.  Becker has the most kissable cheeks ever.  We had a great time guys!

I love this picture!

See, mini adults!!  Darn camera phone was blurry!

Three cuties on a couch!

Kailey has been teething for days pretty badly and yesterday she was fighting a fever off an on.  However, when we got home last night, the fever was back up again and she sounded like a smoker.  Chris took her to the doctor today and I guess the extra fluids from teething caused an ear infection.  She sounds so raspy!  She was very sleepy and not herself today.

Tonight was our last night of swim lessons and of course Kailey couldn't make it.  I feel like a bad Mommy because on previous nights, we didn't have enough hands to take pictures since we were all getting in the pool together.  Poor Kailey has none and since she couldn't go today, Colin got quite a few.  One day I'm sure I'm going to hear about it from her.  Colin LOVES swimming and he is really starting to become more independent with a belt on!  I can't wait to see him in the pool more this summer!


Sunday, May 27, 2012

A Quick Update

I really hate when the blog gets neglected.  It's been a very hectic few days, mostly because by the time I get to sit down and complete a blog post, I am too tired to figure out what I want to say.  In fact, I have quite a list these days of all of the things I need/want to accomplish around the house.  I know that slowly it will all get done, but really wish I could get a big chunk of it done soon and quickly!  This is a bit of what we have been up to, all courtesy of my phone.  I REALLY need to get back on the ball with my regular camera!

Kailey had a checkup at the dentist the other day to take a look at that tooth she pushed out of the way months ago.  Although it's not as tight as it should be, it is definitely tighter than it was so it looks like it should stay until it falls out around the normal time.  She was not as cooperative for the x-ray this time and here looks like she is intently listening to what the doctor has to say.  

Colin had his first field day at school on Friday that Daddy was able to go and watch.  It had gotten moved inside and when Colin saw Chris his face lit up.  Unfortunately, he was a bit distracted because Daddy was there, however, still participated and did a great job!

Doesn't he look like such a big boy here?!
I absolutely LOVE the little boy in a big T-shirt look!  

I have to say that I am really proud of Chris and I for taking the bull by the horns and trying out this whole sleep thing.  Although it has been really challenging and heartbreaking at times (some nights he just clings on for dear life!), it has really put us back to some level of normalcy at night.  Coincidentally, our "normal" routine will be ending soon with the approach of summer, but I really wanted to make sure that Colin knew that we couldn't lay with him every night.  It's just not practical for us on a regular basis.  He still gets out of bed a few times a night, but tonight, it was only one time and he was done.  The other night, he didn't get out at all for Aunt Kimmy!  This picture was from last night and makes me laugh.  You could tell that he tried ONE more time, but juuusssttttt didn't make it!

Yesterday was our first day at the beach for the summer and it felt SO GOOD to be back there.  We all need to ease ourselves into the sun, so we only spent about an hour and a half out there but it was nice!  Kailey is still inspecting things and trying to figure out what she thinks about it all.  

Colin, on the other hand, was up to his old antics again and trying to run away and go/do what he wants so we will have to work on that this summer.  He has NO FEAR of the water which is both great and frightening all at the same time.  

We are having some issues though because both kids are getting the sunscreen in their eyes despite all of our attempts for that not to happen and has caused QUITE a breakdown on Kailey's part. She was NOT happy until we got home and she got in the bath tub.  On top of her teething issues, she did  not enjoy the beach in any way shape or form today.   

Speaking of teething issues, it has not been a good few nights the past few nights with her.  She is either having trouble AT bed time, or getting up in the middle of the night (not FUN).  One minute she is like this...

..and thankfully sometimes it doesn't take too long to get to this...

And to leave you on a cute note...this was a fun brother sister photo shoot until Colin pushed Kailey off of her chair.  And then, we were done.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

New Sleep Routine

We're getting so close!  Tonight's stats included Colin only getting out of bed 5 times spanning only 10 minutes!  I can't help but beam right now because it's actually working!  I still feel bad because he is so sad about us not laying with him, but he seems to be giving in much more quickly.  In addition to following the method of putting him back in bed every time he gets out, we also have changed his night routine slightly.  Instead of letting him watch a show before bed (we always thought it helped to calm him down, but some research I read said that TV is actually more stimulating right before  bed), we turn the TV off completely about 30 minutes before and start reading books then.  With no distraction, he is much more interested in reading books again and snuggling on the couch.  It feels so good that it's a method we are trying that is ACTUALLY working (unlike the million+ things we have tried to get him to eat but have failed every time...).  

Colin and Kailey's Uncle Tim is getting married in June and Kailey's dress came in the mail today.  I am in LOVE!! There's nothing like a little girl in tulle!

Monday, May 21, 2012

"Jack in the Box"

Chris and I have always felt lucky because of all of the challenges we have faced, sleeping was never one of them until recently with Colin.  Even when we had faced that one period where Colin was hopping out of bed, we seemed to have ended it quickly.  However, it recently took a turn for the worse when we started to have to lay with him every night in order for him to go to sleep.  Unfortunately, that turned into 30+ minutes at a time and we felt like we were losing our nights.  We even avoided the issue and took every advantage we could to get the kids asleep in the car so that we could just transfer them into bed.  We realized our issues were spiraling out of control and we were just losing the small amount of time we had together at night.  

Coincidentally, one of my blog friends Jenni from Tales from Graceland, emailed me a great link that offered sleep advice that she had tried.  They offered tips that I have heard about before from the SuperNanny for the child that does the "Jack in the Box", or also known as "hopping out of bed a million times".  The suggested method is to put them in bed and every time they get up, put them right back in without making eye contact or saying anything to them.  The tips say that even if it takes 100 times, you continue until they give in.  

Our first night took 68 times spanning an hour and a half.  Thankfully we decided to do this together so we each took shifts so that neither of us had to do it alone.  The first chunk he laughed because he thought it was a game, the second chunk he realized something was up and wasn't too happy, and then the last chunk he cried every time we put him back in bed (he even tried to bite us a few times).  It was exhausting and torturous, but we did not want to give up.  He certainly knew how to tug at my heart strings by clinging to me and saying "mama" over and over again.

The second night took 13 times spanning 20 minutes.  He started crying pretty early this time and gave in pretty quickly.  Apparently the 3rd night is supposed to be the charm so I can't wait to see how that goes.  I do feel pretty proud so far that we decided to do it together and we are seeing some changes.  I can only keep my fingers crossed and hope that if we stay strong, it really will work.

This weekend was a fun and beautiful one.  The weather was absolutely gorgeous and we got to spend a good amount of time together and outside.  Saturday was my birthday so we ventured out and went bowling which was a lot of fun!

The kids seemed to love being outside and it made me so anxious for our summer days to get here.  

Unfortunately, we think Kailey was bit by something over her right eye because it was red and swollen and she had a rash going from her eye to her hairline.  This was on top of her teething so she was screaming most of the early part of the night.  

I'll keep you posted and let you know how night #3 goes!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

One Proud Mommy

This proud Mommy's heart is so full right now!  Colin's transition to preschool has been better than I ever could have expected.  Even though I thought it would be so hard to say goodbye to the people that had been such a big part of our lives, we have quickly filled it with new ones that are helping to make this transition so wonderful.  

Although we are unsure about some of the things Colin tries to tell us, when he is asked about how his day is, he has a lot to say.  He animatedly talks about the bus and seems to really enjoy school so far.  Oh how I wish I could be a fly on the wall some days!

Last Friday, Colin had his spring concert at school which Daddy attended.  A lot of the notes home that we have gotten lately have mentioned that the kids have been practicing their songs a lot in preparation for the concert.  That morning, Colin was dressed in his "spring best" for the day.  

Although Chris was not allowed to take pictures once the kids came out, he did sneak a few of the set up so that I could at least see parts of it.  

The kids sang 5 songs for the show and apparently, Colin was singing the words and going through the gestures that went along with the songs.  At the end, he even took his bow when instructed to do so and was a hit!  Chris had several of the staff members including his PT, the principal, his teacher, and an aide mention to him that he was the star of the show and they couldn't believe how adorable he was and how well he did for only being a part of the school for several weeks.  When Chris was texting me what they were saying, I was tearing up because I was so proud and I wasn't even there.  

I emailed his PT this week just to check in and see how he was doing and was so happy with the response I received back.  I fell in love with her right from the IEP meeting because of her personality, her professionalism, and and how she related to us.  This is part of what she wrote back to me today...

"I did see Colin today and I will tell you he has me wrapped and also keeps me laughing every second.  He is so sweet.  Enough gushing about your boy…He is doing great physically.  He is walking with less hand hold assistance and is increasing speed as you said.  When jumping, I give him the prep of bend your knees and jump.  I have tried to place him on the big red ball to jump as he will get the repetitive jumping action from very little input.  He is not too keen on this lack of control and prefers to try and jump on the floor or on the mini tramp.  Your son has one heck of an arm.  He throws well with his left and his right arm.  He is not showing a preference."

And then tonight, we participated in "fitness night" that combined Colin's preschool with the school for kindergarten.  Although it was a bit hectic, Chris and I had a teacher come up to us, hug us, and tell us how much she loves Colin.  She said "whatever it is you are doing, keep doing".  I just watched different members from his school come up to him and saw how he responded and I had tears in my eyes.  I am so proud.  

All I can think about is how lucky I am.  We anticipated this whole time period as being a scary one because of the unknown, but these people have literally taken our little boy in and have already taken things to the next level with him.  He is happy, and therefore, so are we...