Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Back to the Grind

Today was the kids' first day back to school (yay! I had an extra day all to myself!) which meant we needed to resume routines that had been neglected over Christmas break. As I expected, Colin was the most excited to get back to school and was up early dressed and ready for his day to start. I was not surprised given the comment he made yesterday once he realized everything Christmas was done and put away. Kailey and Cody were a little bit slower to get up and going but were surprisingly ok once they were out of their beds in terms of getting ready. Colin's teacher mentioned he asked to go home several times today, but that was probably once the novelty of being back wore off and as he tired throughout the day. 

I know I mention it pretty often after long breaks from school, but as much as we love time off around here, we all work best under routines when we know and anticipate what is coming next. So for as much as we enjoyed Christmas and our time with family and friends, our house is ready for our routines again. 

After I picked Colin and Kailey up from school today, we did a few errands to return some items before getting Cody. Although they are definitely at an age where there is some bickering because they irritate each other at times, today went well after school and we got homework done, some chores completed, and they were able to read and play before bed. I felt pretty accomplished today and appreciated the extra time I had with them after school to get everything completed. 

Watching/helping Cody get homework done

Kailey is 7 going on 17
While I'm happy to be back in the routine again, I did enjoy my time away from working!