Tuesday, December 29, 2009

We're Back!

Wow...this has been the longest stretch I've been on since updating the blog and I feel horrible! There were a crazy few days of traveling and enjoying the holiday and then the past few days have been hectic trying to get our house in order.

...Not to mention the fact that we got Nintendo Wii for Christmas and have been obsessed!

It's amazing to think that I updated regularly through my crazy student teaching and working schedule, yet, am slacking when I have a lighter week! I swear, I've been busy!

Over the next few days I'm going to get all my pictures up and running and update the blog with our holiday travels since there were a lot of firsts for our family in having Colin.

Colin had some therapy visits thrown into the week which did not go as well. We had to switch developmental therapy to the afternoon the past 2 visits and between the change and just "stuff" in general with Colin, he wasn't very much up for working. We know he will be better next time.

We had our first "run over to the doctor's office last minute" kind of visit yesterday. It was incredibly minor and we mostly did it because our pediatrician wanted to check him instead of just giving advice over the phone. Did I ever mention how much I LOVE her? She is the greatest and we are just so lucky that things worked out and we found her. She really cares for Colin. It turns out the rash he had over his whole body that came on quickly was probably an allergic reaction. He was crying a lot yesterday (so unlike Colin) and had a mild fever, so she was worried about an ear infection and that was what she wanted to check. Fortunately he was all clear! He was so much better by the evening last night and even better today!

I had to take Colin today for blood work to check his thyroid (passed his newborn screening but needed a follow up) and it was excrutiatingly (did I spell that correctly?) painful (for me!)! They drew it from his arm just like an adult and the nurse could not find the vein initially. She was fishing around for it and I thought my heart and head would explode. I wanted to scream out and say to her, "no adult would tolerate this!". Fortunately, what felt like an eternity only took a minute, but it was horrible. Colin was so good considering and only cried the "help me mommy" kind of cry instead of a scream scream. The "help me mommy" cry is so much worse though...ugh.

Colin got so many great gifts over the holiday and we had such a fun few days with him. It truly was special for us...

...More to come soon!

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Nana said...

The holidays were great with our whole family, but it was especially great now that we have Colin!! He's the cutest!!! I was there when he was having blood work and believe me I was crying along with him. It was very painful to watch!! Glad that's over with!! Love, Nana