Sunday, December 20, 2009


This is going to be a long post to make up for my LACK in posting lately. Chris, Colin and I had a great weekend together thanks in part to the snow and to my student teaching being done with! It allowed me to get so many things done around the house which feels so refreshing!

Anyway, lots to update on Colin!

We had Colin's re-test at the audiologist on Thursday which did not go well. The woman is nice, but was unsuccessful in completing the test because she was trying to do too many things at once, the plugs weren't staying in his years, and after a few attempts at "shoving" them in there (what it seemed to us), Colin starting getting upset which did not help.

So, we left there as a "fail" again. I think we are at the point in trying a different audiologist to see if we can be more successful.

At physical therapy, Colin worked on some of the same skills including hands in knees and sitting. Colin is struggling with sitting right now because he immediately wants to extend back and even if you try to hold him in sitting, he pushes so hard against your hands!

He had a great session with Miss D (developmental therapy) and they worked on reading books and pointing to different things. Colin is really working on pointing at objects!

Colin, Chris, and Aunt Kimmy helped me to celebrate the ending of student teaching with dinner at the Outback (the night before my last night)!

Then, on my official last night, since I had to work at a basketball game, Colin, Chris and Aunt Kimmy came down to work to spend the night with me! I was so excited to see my little boy because it meant so much more time to spend together!

While the game was going on, Colin hung out in the stroller where he was doing something new! We put some toys on the tray and Colin was sitting and reaching forward for the objects! It's amazing how much stronger he gets on a daily basis!

We are still working on the "puffs", especially for the pincer grip skills, but Colin isn't a fan. He likes the yogurt melts much better, but with the other puffs we get these kinds of faces:

...and:Colin got his 1st Christmas ornament from his Aunties Natalia, Veronica, and Jen...

During a random act of kindness at Jersey Shore, Chris and Colin were given a teddy bear by an organization which Colin enjoys playing with!

...and finally, Colin experienced his 1st snow storm today!

He was not crazy about being so bundled up!but he posed for the camera...

with daddy...
...and mommy!


Adrienne said...

Oh, he is just so sweet-you guys are such a cute little family!!

Jennie said...

I LOVE the photos of the bumbo in the snow. Hilarious!

Natalia said...

What a WONDERFUL blog!!! I feel so up to date now! :)

And that third picture of Colin trying the puffs was TOOOO CUTE! (Although he obviously wasn't thrilled with eating them, it was still an adorable shot! lol)

I am so happy for ALL of you that this semester is over, that you have your MASTERS, and that you can all spend more time together again!

I love you, Tobins!!! :)

Lisa said...

He is such a little pumpkin!! Happy Holidays :)!

Anonymous said...

Colin you look absolutely adorable in the bumbo seat in the snow...i miss you a lot and can not wait til christmas!!
Love Aunt Kimmy