Friday, December 11, 2009

'Tis the Season #9: Grandad

'Tis the Season #9 is from my Dad and Colin's Grandad:

To my beautiful grandson Colin,

I never could have imagined that when I married your Nana, the day would finally come when we would become grandparents. Our greatest joys was when we had your mommy, Uncle Timmy, Uncle Patrick and Aunt Kimmy! I thank God for my family and the love we all share. Then your mommy married you daddy, who became part of our family, and then your parents had their greatest joy, YOU!!! And now you are a family!!! I'll never forget the day you were born and I'll never forget the day your mommy called me and told me about my grandson. I want you to know how strong your mommy and daddy are and that God blessed us all with you having your mommy and daddy as parents! All I knew was that you were my precious grandson, and that you were healthy, and I couldn't have been more prouder being your grandad.

I want you to know I will ALWAYS be there for you!! I will be there to encourage you, support you, and share in all your joys, and yet you will have my shoulder and hugs when you have those days that may be a struggle. In your young life, you have truly made me such a better person in this world, and I want you to know you have changed me and I want to thank you for changing me. I am so proud of you, and I look at you and see what you have accomplished each and every day with that beautiful smile on your face. I see your personality, and what a good baby you have been to your parents, (just like your mommy was to us---especially sleeping the night) and know you'll do whatever you set out to do in your life and I look forward to being part of your life. We are a strong family and you have all of us there supporting and loving you.

Because of you, I was able to run 26.2 miles! You were there every step of the way, and I would never have tried one without you in my life, and I was so proud to give you my medal, YOUR medal! You gave me the strength during the race and I know whatever challenges I had in finishing, did not even come close to the challenges you have faced and overcome in your young life and will in the future. I want you to know, that for as long as your grandad is able to, I am going to run 26.2 miles for you every year to come, and will honor you with YOUR medal!! I love you so much Colin.

All my love, Grandad.


sara p said...

oh, now i have tears in my eyes, that was beautiful:) what a lucky little boy to have such a wonderful grandpa:)

Ruby's Mom said...

What a beautiful post!You made me cry :)
Love your header picture of Colin in his Santa outfit!

amy said...

this is pure poetry. what a special relationship they have!! thank you for sharing!!