Tuesday, December 8, 2009

'Tis the Season #6: Uncle Brian and Aunt Maureen

'Tis the season #6 is from Chris' brother Brian and our sister-in-law Maureen...Colin's Uncle Brian and Aunt Maureen!

Hey Cutie!
Your Aunt Maureen and Uncle Brian write for a living. We get paid to put thoughts on paper for others and when it comes to writing for ourselves, we sometimes find it really hard to do.
Writing this letter to you has taken on a number of formats because it is so hard to express just how much we love you.
The first time that we saw you was the day that you were born and you were "cooking" (Dad's word) under the heat lamp. We both wanted to pick you up and squeeze and hold you to show you how much love we had in our hearts for you. We just stared and stared at you, in awe of how perfect you were. At that point, all we knew was that you were adorable and sweet, and that you had 10 fingers and 10 toes – everything that everyone expected you to be.
We didn’t know until about a week later that you also have Down Syndrome, something that we didn’t expect. And at that point, we didn’t really know what that would mean – for you, for your parents, for your future.

We finally got to hold you a few days later and it was one of the best experiences of our lives. We quickly realized that you are YOU, and that you were as perfect as the day you were born. Yes, there will be times that it’s harder for you to do certain things than it will be for other kids, but that’s true of every kid. And yes, you’ll have some unique challenges as you grow up, but your mom and dad have been doing everything than can to make sure that you are off to a great start. And you’re holding up your end of that bargain beautifully, working hard and making all of us so proud, every day.

We look forward to many years of spending time with you on holidays and regular days... at ball games and school events... at weddings and more.
You hold a very special and dear place in our hearts Colin and we will love you and take care of you forever.
Love, Uncle Brian and Aunt Maureen

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