Thursday, December 3, 2009

'Tis the Season #1: Nana

The 1st post for the holidays was written by my mom and Colin's Nana....

Dear Colin,

When your mommy was pregnant with you people said to me, oh just wait until you are a grandmother, it's the best! When I had your mommy, Uncle Timmy, Uncle Pat, and Aunt Kimmy, I thought that was the best! I knew it would be fun to be Nana, but I have to tell you that once I met you, my heart just swelled so much I thought it would burst! I loved you instantly and couldn't wait to hold you. When your mommy told me that you were going to be tested for down syndrome I worried about your mommy and daddy, not you. I already knew how much you were loved and would be loved, I never thought for a moment that you would suffer. I'll admit, it was hard to know what the future would bring. I should never have doubted anything!! You have the best mommy and daddy and they have made sure that you will have the best of everything that you need. Not many people can boast that at 10 days old your mommy and daddy had the ball rolling to make sure you got everything you possibly needed to make your life the best!

Well, being the fighter that you are, you have taken advantage of all of the love that surrounds you as well as all of the services that have been provided to you! At 7 months old you have astounded us all! You are sitting balancing on your own, you talk to us in your own babble and of course ending it with a raspberry(I did teach you that this summer), and you give love back to all of us! You have inspired family and friends to do triathlons, run marathons, and soon to jump into icy water in the middle of winter to raise money for special olympics.

We all love you! What better Christmas blessing, joy, and hope could any family have than to have the joy of you, Colin! We know you are going places and are looking forward to the journey we will all take with you.

I love you with all my heart!!