Saturday, December 5, 2009

'Tis the Season #3: Leslie and Simon

'Tis the season #3 was written by our great friends, Simon and Leslie...

Merry Christmas, Colin!
C is for Continuously accomplishing your goals! You keep making everyone so proud by working hard with your therapists and learning new skills...keep up the good work!

O is for your Outstanding parents! It was hard to hear that you would have a set of challenges to face growing up with your diagnosis of Downs Syndrome, but we knew immediately that you would be ok with parents like yours. They are so full of love for you and each other, we never doubted that they would always go above and beyond to make sure that you had everything you needed to make all of your dreams dream big Colin!

L is for Loved by everybody! It's impossible for anyone not to love you...your smile, your baby blue's, your baby blonde mohawk, and you're always so pleasant and want to visit with everybody...keep it up kid and the girls will swarm.

I is for how Irresistably cute you are! We love seeing all of your adorable pictures on your blog and seeing that great smile when we visit you. I even show you off to the girls at work...they love to see the newest Colin pics! They all gush over you!

N is for Nothing's gonna stop you! You're making strides everyday and we know you'll keep it up. Just remember that you're bound to have some rough patches along your way, but they make for good character building and learning experiences. So don't get frustrated, just keep working at it and you'll make it happen. And don't forget to lean on the great support system you have when needed...we're all here for you!

Best wishes for a wonderful 1st Christmas as a family Tobin's!

Love, Leslie & Simon

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