Sunday, December 6, 2009

'Tis the Season #4: Aunt Kimmy

'Tis the Season #4 was written by my sister Kimberly, or Aunt Kimmy to Colin...
Dear Colin,

From the moment you were born you have been showered with tons of love because you are such a beautiful little boy. The day your mommy told me she was pregnant with you (which I actually knew before she told me) was one of the happiest days of my life because I was going to have the joy of being an aunt. I was so excited for your mommy and daddy to be parents because I knew they were going to be the best parents to you Colin. See Colin at your parents wedding I got extremely emotional giving them the speech because I love your parents very much and they mean everything to me. Still till this day your daddy makes fun of me. Your mommy has been such a wonderful sister who has always been there for me. She has been a role model and someone I can truly look up to. I knew your daddy was perfect for mommy because he has such a wonderful personality, caring heart, and fit right into our family. Growing up in our home with mommy, nana, granddad, Uncle Timmy, and uncle pat we had such a close loving bond that I knew was exactly what you were going to get in your home. You truly have the most amazing parents Colin.
When we found out you had Down syndrome it was not easy for all of us. To see your parents so upset just broke my heart. But I knew we would get through it because that is the kind of people we are: Strong, loving, caring people who don’t give up. There was a reason you came into our lives Colin! Your parents are truly inspirational in all that they have done for you! From the time you were an infant until now they have been the most loving parents to you. They were going to make sure you got everything you deserved. And you have proved to us just how strong you are. You never give up Colin and you have proved to us that you are capable of doing anything, from rolling over at such a young age, to lifting your head, holding your head up, and now sitting up on your own! I knew you would do it all Colin. Throughout this journey so far you have made us stronger and better people. The first time you smiled at me just put a sparkle in my eye and a smile on my face. Who couldn’t love you Colin. You are absolutely adorable and the way you laugh and smile at us just shows me that you are going to be just fine!
I am so blessed to have you in my life! I come down to see you as often as I can! I love playing with you and taking care of you! By the way you love the toy that goes “The animals have something to say, they hoop and holler and sing all day! I just love how you always have a big smile on your face! No matter what kind of day I am having I know it will be the best day when I am with you. I love spending time with mommy, daddy, and you. You have inspired us all to do bigger and better things. You are lucky I love you so much because in a couple of months I have to jump into the freezing, cold ocean. I would do anything for you, mommy and daddy!! My life would not be the same without you Colin! I look forward to what life will bring you! Just remember you have so many friends and family who love you! I love you Colin!
I love you Colin, Love Aunt Kimmy

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