Thursday, December 10, 2009

'Tis the Season #8: Aunt Nancy

'Tis the Season #8 is from my Aunt Nancy (my mom's younger sister) and Colin's Great Aunt Nancy:
When 2 people get married and prior there is a look in the eyes of the couple without words tells how much one loves the other that was proven. I saw more than just a look I saw raw emotion that I had never witnessed with Chris and that let me know it would be forever. It is the same look every couple in our family that is a couple has with each other. Then when our dear sweet Colin was born there was and is another look that only the parents can give, it is an everlasting love, and I saw it with the both of you and still do. Little words, coos and comments are nice but the look in the eyes says it all. We are all blessed to have the three of you in our lives, and I have learned in a short 7 months, what a miracle every being is. Love to all three and be blessed with every day.
Aunt Nancy

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