Monday, December 21, 2009

A Real "Peach"

That's what Colin was today...a real "peach" or so the saying goes.
We think his gums/teeth were bothering him because he is NEVER like this...All day long Colin was cranky and crabby and did not sleep (normally he is very good at that).
During developmental therapy today, he had a sour puss on his face and would not give Miss D a smile! In fact, she pretty much only got pouty lips today and he had no interest in participating in her activities.

He was pretty good for Uncle Timmy today, who stopped in to see him on his way up from North Carolina (where he lives now)...

...but even when it was time to go to bed, he was WIDE AWAKE for at least an hour (at least he wasn't complaining) despite the fact he had only slept for probably a total of 45 minutes ALL DAY.

So we went back up there and found Colin like this...
I guess by the time he DID fell asleep, he fell asleep as he lie.
* Please note, we did NOT leave Colin like this...he is now sleeping soundly on his tummy *

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