Friday, December 4, 2009

'Tis the Season #2: The Gallagher Family

'Tis the Season #2 is from our very close friends....Jorie, Zach, Liam & Kaia!

Dear Colin,

Hey buddy! I am sooo happy your Mommy thought of this idea for “guest appearances” on her blog! Just like her idea for the blog in the first place, this was an awesome idea! Although it will be hard to put into words how we feel about you and your family as eloquently as your Mom does, I will try my best!

First, Colin, I want to tell you how incredibly lucky you are to have such wonderful, caring, loving parents that you do have! I first met your Mommy in high school and to be honest we thought that we didn’t like each other. But that assumption we had back then could not have been further from the truth. We got to know each other very quickly and soon realized that we were going to be lifelong friends. We have been through a lot together which has only strengthened our friendship.

Your Daddy, Zach and I met only a couple of times before he came to our wedding. But let me tell you, when we saw him at our wedding it was like we had known each other forever! That’s just the kind of guy your Daddy is! He has always seemed to make anyone feel right at home in his presence!

Both of your parents have the biggest hearts of any people we know! They have so much love to give! And we are ALL so lucky to have them in our lives!

Our family was so incredibly excited when your Mommy and Daddy told us that you were going to be joining their family in 9 months! Liam and Kaia were going to have a new playmate! When you finally joined us on April 20th, we were filled with joy that your Mom and Dad had a little boy to share all of their love with. No matter what came your way, your Mom and Dad took it in strides and were determined to raise the most loving, independent, smart little man!

Now, I need to tell you that your parents, family and friends are the luckiest people in the world because YOU are a part of their lives! And our family feels so blessed that we can call ourselves your friends! You have brought so much meaning to the lives of everyone around you and you don’t even know it! You are achieving milestones like a little champ and proving that determination can take you anywhere! You are going to continue to grow and flourish and teach all of us new things each and every day!

There aren’t enough words to express how much we love you and your family! You have showed us that anything is possible and that no one should make assumptions in this world! Just look at your Mom and me…who knows where we would be if we had let our assumptions stop us from becoming the best of friends.

Colin, we love you and are proud of you every day! We are all better people for having you a part of our lives! Always remember how loved you are and that you have so many people rooting for you!

Love always,

Jorie, Zach, Liam, and Kaia

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Nana said...

So glad that you all are friends! You have a beautiful family and are very good to my grandson, daughter, and "son"! Thanks for being great friends Gallagher family!! Love, Momma W