Wednesday, December 16, 2009

"Flat Head" Update

I titled this post "flat head" because Chris and I have been referring to Colin as a screwdriver. Stupid humor (but hey, whatever works!)

Anyway, I just wanted to update you. Since the last post, I've spoken with Colin's Developmental therapist, pediatrician and physical therapist, and they are all in agreement that Colin's head has a normal flattening in the back associated with the amount of time he had spent on his back in the beginning. His neck muscles are so strong, there is no concern (even in the beginning) over any tightnening/rotating of his neck muscles, or any other possible underlying condition. Plus, he spends a whole lot less time on his back now with sitting and tummy time. Even from the beginning, tummy time was emphasized so much that Colin only spent prolonged time on his back when he was sleeping.

When I spoke to the pediatrician, she felt that this was not something we should be worried about because she has been monitoring him on a monthly basis and if she had ever been concerned over this she would have referred us to a neurologist first. Since there are not ANY concerns, she told us to put this on the backburner and let it go.

This morning Colin had physical therapy (which he did SUPER at!) and she said that she has not been concerned at ALL because the flattening is very symmetrical (and relatively minor) and as I mentioned earlier, he does not have any underlying potential problems.

So, it looks like we are in the clear for now. Of course we will continue to monitor this, but it has only improved over the last few months so it is not a concern at this time.


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Nana said...

I know I might be prejudiced about Colin, but I think he has a cute head! All four of our kids had fuzzy hair(due to sleeping on their back) and also a little misshapen. Dr. Perkel always said it would round out and of course it did!! You're my little cutie, cookie, so thankfully we don't have to worry about your head!! Love, Nana