Tuesday, June 23, 2020

April Activities

By the time we hit spring break, we were all desperate for a break from the distance learning that we had been doing since mid March. We all felt exhausted and a bit burnt out so being outside and doing different activities was a nice change of pace. We found ways to be outside as much as possible, but that also took a bit of creativity at times as well. 

Cody came with me on my run which was a first! 

Kailey had the idea to pick up trash along our walking route to Save the Earth! 

We played cornhole in the driveway. 

A favorite activity we did was an obstacle course in our driveway based on an idea I got from someone on Facebook. It took some time to set it up, but we all had fun with it! 

We also spent a lot of time taking family walks, bike and scooter rides, and enjoying the neighborhood! 

We also got a special visitor from school which the made the kids so happy! 

Despite all of the great times, there were also some challenging times as well! 

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