Sunday, October 23, 2011

31 for 21 Day 23: Special Olympics

Colin participated in his first ever Special Olympics event today through the Young Athlete Program. This program was a part of their fall festival and although we got there late, it was fun to participate. This is the very beginning of all that we hope to have Colin be a part of. The Young Athlete program helps to encourage the development of different skills in the young athletes. I was hoping that by the time we participated in our first event Colin would be walking independently, but he still had a great time!

He met some new people and worked with the physical therapist who is the "trainer" for the program. Colin wasn't the most cooperative little boy, but mostly because he wanted to do his own thing. There was a lot going on around us because there were many fields of different events going on, and there were a few times that Colin tried to crawl away to see what was going on.

It's funny because Colin is pretty popular already! There were a few people that came over to say hi to him because they thought he was so cute, and there were lots of people that just came over and said "hi Colin!". There was someone who came over and got him on video and several other people snapping photos of him! Of course he hammed it up as soon the limelight was on him! As we walked around, people were instantly attracted to him because he is a part of a community now. I am proud to belong to this community of families.

Part of the reason why we are so involved in the Polar Bear Plunge every year is because the money that is raised goes to the programs that Colin is now taking advantage of. We hope this is our biggest and best fundraising year yet!!


Team Carter said...

Awwww, Go Colin Go!! I am so proud of him...I just love that you are involved in these programs. He's such a rock star!

Kristin said...

So cool. Wish we had a young athlete program near us.