Saturday, October 8, 2011

31 for 21 Day 8: Big Boy Bed

So far after two days, we have a little boy in a big bed! Colin has now slept for 2 nights in his big boy bed and we are keeping our fingers crossed that we can continue this trend! He looks so cute!!

We thought it was a bit early to transfer him into the bed, but the new bed kind of fell into our laps last year when we went to buy him a new dresser before Kailey was born. Since it was a great sale for President's Day weekend, we decided to buy the bed too because it was such a great price. We were able to put the bed on layaway for 6 months and didn't have it delivered until the end of August. We were stalling a bit because we were trying to get bed rails for the end and side, but so far, only have an extra long one for the side (the shorter one is still too long for the end).

Last night, after reading books with Colin in his bed, I decided to just leave him there and see what would happen, fully expecting him to crawl out when I left the room. However, he surprised me by staying there. Before I did my post last night, I went to go get pictures of him sleeping in his bed, but when I opened the door 45 minutes later (expecting him to be sleeping since I didn't hear anything) he popped right up and said "Hi!". I decided to lay with him and was rubbing his arm and when I stopped, he picked my hand back up and put it on his arm again. I started giggling, and then he was giggling, and then we were little kids giggling in bed. So cute... the butt up in the air!

This morning, I never heard him thump out of bed (he must have done it gracefully) but the next thing I heard was him knocking on his door saying "hi".

...we gave it a whirl again tonight and although he was whiney for a few minutes, he seemed ok when I left the room. While I was changing Kailey a bit later, I heard what sounded like Colin getting out of bed. I peeked in there and Colin was "jumping" in bed (getting up on his knees and flopping on his bed over and over). I was actually happier with that than him getting out. So, I told him to lay down and he then fell asleep pretty quickly after.

Although he has yet to lay in it like most people would lay in bed, I love the transition!


Nana said...

That's so cute!!!

Kelli said...

I love the butt up in the air picture. That is exactly how I find Lindsey most nights. Makes my legs ache to think about falling asleep like that.
Yeah Colin! Enjoy the big boy bed.

Jenny said...

Haha, cutest post ever!! I love those pictures of his cute little bum way up in the air!!

Rochelle said...

YAY! Such a big boy. Dariya slept in her big girl bed last night for the first time, she is all over the place too!

Shannon said...

hehe, love the butt in that air. And love the new header