Wednesday, October 26, 2011

31 for 21 Day 26: A Day in the Life

Most days, we go about a normal hectic day without much thought about Colin having Down Syndrome. I have to leave for work by 6:30am so that I can get some things done before school starts, and Chris feeds, dresses and drops the kids off at school. Two mornings a week Colin does have therapy that Chris is home for and then brings them after therapy is over. We are very thankful for Chris' flexible schedule in the morning so that the kids don't have to be at school to early. Before leaving for the work, Colin is usually waking up, so I will go in his room and sit on his bed with him for a few minutes. We "talk" and then I head out. Kailey is usually still sleeping, but once in awhile I will get a quick hug from her before leaving.

I'm pretty lucky though because Chris will send pictures throughout the morning so I can know what's going on with the kids.

They have time to eat, hang out for a little bit and play before leaving for school.

Unlike the first 2 weeks of school, Colin has been pretty good when dropped off. He will usually go right towards playing with either the other kids or the toys.

Colin has grown so happy at school that occasionally when I pick him up, he is not ready to go home. Today, he came crawling over to me as fast as he could on the playground and as soon as he got close, he turned and went to the slide instead!

The time that I pick the kids up at varies from day to day depending on what I have at school and if I am running or not after school. We go for walks, play with toys, watch Baby Signing Time and get ready for the next day.

Then...we do it all again the next day!

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