Monday, October 17, 2011

31 for 21 Day 17: Counting

** Calling all Mommies, Daddies, and other family members of those with Down Syndrome. I am working on a project for the end of Down Syndrome Awareness month and I would LOVE photos of your kids (if you are interested of course). It will be a video and I will share it with you when I am finished. I wanted to highlight that our kids with DS really do live the "good life". You can send it to my email at If you send a picture, please also send a word or phrase that you think describes your kids. Thanks! **

Even though it may take a little bit more time for kids with Down Syndrome to learn things, it does not mean that it is challenging for all and they will learn all of the same things that typically developing children do. We have been working really hard on teaching Colin his alphabet, numbers, and colors. We try to count as many things as we can with Colin so that the repetition will help as a "hand over hand" technique. Colin is doing so well with his numbers and has a specific sound that goes with each number up to 10. This next video is horrible quality, but it was on my phone this afternoon after our walk and shows Colin counting. I love the little head nod too with each number.


Rochelle said...

Super cute as always buddy!

Jenny said...

That was fantastic!