Friday, October 14, 2011

31 for 21 Day 14: The Tongue

* Calling all Mommies and Daddies with a child with Down Syndrome! I'd like to do a special project to end Down Syndrome awareness month by showing our kids live the "Good life". If you are interested, I would love it if you could send me a picture of your child either alone, with a friend/family member, with your whole family or whatever works for you! You can send it to my email @! Thanks!*

When Colin was first born and through the first several months of his life, Chris and I were obsessed with what his tongue was doing. We over-analyzed how much his tongue was sticking out of his mouth and as we learned that it had something to do with his muscle tone, spent a lot of time doing the exercises we were told to build the strength inside of his mouth. For the most part, his tongue just kind of hovered around his lips, but I think we were so scared of the journey ahead, and because deep down I think we thought his tongue sticking out at times defined the fact that he had Down Syndrome.

It was just one of those things that we weren't quite ready for and worried so much about. When I look back now, it makes me chuckle because it's just another one of those things that we realize how far we have come. To worry about something so insignificant doesn't seem worthy now, but again, it's one of those things in our journey that got us to where we are now. Yes, it was insignificant and no he doesn't do it anymore, but heck, what did we know then?

Another reason I chuckle is because guess what? Kailey is doing it too... it's not just about a baby with Down Syndrome!

...and just because I thought it was so cute, a video of Kailey giggling.


Nana said...


Jenny said...

She's adorable! Haha, and I use to obsess over what Russell's tongue was doing too! I wouldn't post pictures if it was hanging out to much...Now I just don't care...Its just Russell! And for the most part he keeps it in most of the time anyway....Its funny what we worry about in the beginning.

Erin said...

We worried about the tongue too and had the same fears but I don't notice it as much anymore or it just doesn't bother me.

I also had to tell you how beautiful Kailey is. Those eyes, wow!

Rochelle said...

Oh my is she super cute like her brother or what. Those blue eyes are amazing! Sending you a pic of the girls.