Sunday, October 9, 2011

31 for 21 Day 9: Just Because...

Just because Colin has Down Syndrome, does not make him stupid. In fact, because he was so smart today, he nearly scared the crap out of me!

During nap time today, I decided to put Colin in his crib because I honestly didn't want to deal with him getting out of bed. When I first put him in there, he complained like he normally does but it didn't last too long. When I peeked in there 5 minutes later, he was laying down gnawing on his hands. I was taking care of Kailey when another ten minutes went by so I decided to check again on him and he was sitting in the crib reading a book that he must have reached and gotten off of the book shelf (you'll see the pictures of the location in a few minutes). Although I preferred to have him sleeping, he was quiet, so I let him be. I had the monitor on pretty loud so while I was sitting on the couch grading papers, I could hear the pages turning of the book.

...about 45 minutes go by and it had gotten pretty quiet, so I assumed that Colin had finally fallen asleep. However, I started to hear this funny noise on the monitor, so I paused the TV and didn't really hear it again. I hit play and not even 5 minutes later, I see Colin's FACE peeking out from around the corner of the refrigerator in the kitchen CRAWLING into the family room. Immediately, my mind was flashing (was I losing it? didn't I put him in the crib? where IS THE CAMERA?!) and then I realized that my little guy GOT OUT of the crib and came to see me in the family room. Oh, and Chris and I later realized that he took a little detour into our bedroom and pulled out clothes of mine from my bottom drawer on the FAR SIDE of our bed. Now, the funny thing was that I had shut his door, so it must not have clicked in completely and he managed to get that open.

I swear, my mouth was gaping open, I was doing a mix of crying and laughing hysterically, and Colin just crawled right in, said "hiiiieeeee!!!" and came right over to the couch, climbed up and sat on my lap (mind you, I was STILL in shock at this point).

Colin figured out how to get out of the crib, GRACEFULLY mind you, and come out to the family room!

The funny thing is I didn't hear one thump on the monitor, she he must have done it really well!!

When I went into his room later, I realized that he had unloaded one of the shelves of books onto the floor, so he must have used that ramp as his way to get down (and potentially the book shelf itself! Uhhhhh.....scary!!!).

I guess we can say that we are officially done with the crib. Here I was worried about him getting out of bed!!! The crazy part was that we have NEVER seen him even ATTEMPT to put his leg up to try and get out.

...and he did.

I swear, that is the craziest Colin story in his 2.5 years of life!


Nana said...

I love it!! He is such a little smarty!

Chromosomally Enhanced said...

that is fun!! I am not sure about putting Maddie in the big girl bed...I think I would have both kiddos in our bed! yeah for Colin...wonder what he will be up to next! smiles

Jennie said...

What a sneaky little stinker! WTG, Colin!

Kelly said...

OMG! I just had TEARS running down my face as I was reading this because I was laughing so hard. I made my husband pause football to read it to him - same reaction from him too. What a smart little boy you've got there!!

Jenny said...

Hahaha, love it!! Can't keep that boy penned up anymore!! I love how he destroyed the house first before coming to say hi to you!! lol

Wren said...

That's some pretty cleaver climbing Colin! I'd say the crib is no longer needed! :)

Rochelle Cannon said...

Smarty pants for sure!