Tuesday, October 18, 2011

31 for 21 Day 18: The Positive Side

Since most of the time whenever I talk about Colin's feeding it is negative, I decided to show you that I DO see a positive side on occasion. We know there has to be a bright side some point down the road, even though it feels so far away.

This was dinner tonight. On the one hand, Colin was doing really well feeding himself pancakes (the positive side) and I am really proud of him for how far he has come in that sense. This is the only thing he will feed himself and we have to put one piece at a time on the tray because as you will see in the video, he will stuff them all in his mouth if you give him more than one. (I wish he would do this with a spoon!)

But then, when I wanted Colin to drink milk with pediasure instead of his smoothie, he fought me and had a mini-tantrum. So, our meal times are very up and down but just wanted you to know that I DO see the good things when they happen...

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Jenny said...

Haha, would it be horrible of me to say that was the cutest tantrum I have ever seen!! I love Colin :)