Friday, October 28, 2011

31 for 21 Day 28: A Glimpse Part II

You know how I said yesterday we can see a glimpse of our future in eating? Well...

This guy?

He was REALLY interested in Chris' pizza tonight (not mine, just Chris'...I guess Daddy pizza is better than Mommy pizza) and was taking bites, chewing and saying Mmmmm! The best part? He kept asking for more AND if you asked if he wanted more he would say yes!

We got a tad bit greedy and tried to cut the pizza into pieces, but he would only throw them on the floor and then I tried cutting his own piece (a small sliver off of another piece) and although he picked it up and took a bite out of it, I think he liked eating Chris' better. However, a baby step right?!?!

It truly is the little things that give me the greatest joy these days!


Adrienne said...

That's a HUGE step in my book! Yay Colin!!

viv said...

Not Little ,......HUGE! Owen was sitting on my lap at breakfast a few days ago and wanted some boiled egg off my fork! I tried not to squeal with happinness, you know just acted like he had been eating egg all his life, our boys are getting there in their own time.

debbi said...

YAY Colin! way to go! (btw, Matthew's been doing about the same...he'll use his spoon for daddy, but puts his hands under his bottom while mommy feeds him!-or just throws whatever i try to put in front of as viv says, "our boys are getting there in their own time" and they sure are!