Monday, April 30, 2012

Literacy Night

Tonight was literacy night at Colin's new school where different teachers were having a "story time" and you could also walk around and browse the book fair.  Since Colin had just started, I thought it would be nice to show our face and use it as an opportunity to go and see what Colin has been up to lately.  Since Chris had to work, Aunt Kimmy kindly watched Kailey because I was concerned about having two that were not interested in paying attention.  

When we first got there, we went into the book fair which was in Colin's gym area.  He was not interested in checking out the books, but rather, showing me all of things that he likes to play with in there (like baskeet-ball).  Since his teacher was going to be doing his book reading, we went into the classroom to say hi to her.  It was nice to chat with her for a few minutes and he showed me one of his favorite stations (the computers) and the dollhouse area.  It was so interesting to watch him play with the dollhouse because he was walking "daddy" up the stairs, putting him to sleep, washing his hands, etc., all things that he doesn't do when he plays with things around our house.  Around our house, the dolls and animals often end up thrown behind the couch or hidden in other areas, certainly not playing with them constructively.

I was so excited to watch Colin in action when Miss Liz started with a few songs that Colin actively participated in.  He kept looking back at me as if he were saying "hey mom! are you watching!?" and knew all of the songs that they did.  However, as soon as she took the book out to read the story, Colin stood up, said no and did his little hand gesture thing when he doesn't want to do something all the while mumbling under his breath.  I spent the first few pages of the book trying to wrangle him in while he put up a whining, yelling fight in front of all of the other kids and parents listening intently to the story.  I finally just let him go and walk away and then picked up and stood with him for the rest of the book.  After the story, it was time to do a quick craft which thankfully, he was interested in again.  Low and behold, the craft...a duck hat!

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Jenny said...

Haha, great duck hat! Sounds like Colin knows exactly what he wants to do and when he wants to do it!