Sunday, April 15, 2012

I Have to Laugh

I have some big posts brewing now that we are IN the week leading up to Colin's 3rd birthday.  I have been rather emotional to begin with (I cried saying goodbye to Colin's therapist on Saturday) and tonight, I had to laugh/tear up because Colin has come so far.  

We have had a REALLY busy week and that has meant that Colin really hasn't napped much (usually just on the fly).  After a fun afternoon with Nana and Granddad, Colin took a snooze on Aunt Kimmy's lap.  

Needless to say, when Colin finally woke up, he was a bit groggy for awhile and it changed the whole night since he slept until almost 6pm.  

We kept him up later than normal, but when we tried putting him to bed, he just screamed and got himself out of bed.  We put him back but the screaming was even worse the second time.  He has been really great at bed time lately, so we gave in really quickly as it sounded like he was either kicking or beating his head against the door.  When I finally let him come out, he literally stormed out of the door saying "no mom no dad no sleep!!" (how about THAT Miss Amy! {speech therapist}) among some other what sounded like expletives.  I wish you could have seen him storming down the hallway pointing his finger at us walking right to the family room. 

I don't regret my decision because Colin has been wide awake.  So much so, that he sat himself down at his table, and turned to Chris asking for a pancake "ca-cake" over and over again (time check: 8:40pm).  I just laughed because how could we turn him down?  He seems like he is hungry all of the time lately because he asks to eat all of the time.  However, he is still on a VERY limited menu so it is literally like 5 yogurts, 5 puddings, and cottage cheese (plus some vanilla ice cream) every day.  

So, we gave in and he was as happy as a clam with his ca-cake (he only ate half).  

Maybe I am just being sentimental and noticing everything this week, but I get teary eyed at the subtle things that are glaringly obvious to me right now.  Colin is communicating with us so well, he is putting some simple words together in 2 and 3 word phrases, he is moving around so fast, and he is honestly just like any other "almost" 3 year old boy.  I am so proud of Colin.  

So while I am a creature of routine and I would much prefer Colin IN bed right now, I am greatly enjoying watching him walk around the room, play with different things, and "reading" his books.  We even paused the TV to listen to him point out the different pictures and objects.  I can't even begin to tell you how much I love him!!


Kristin said...

Way to communicate Colin! Still patiently waiting to hear 'mom' over here - ha.

Jenny said...

Reading this makes me smile...Colin is doing so great, it just gives me a glimpse into our future and reminds me to be patient as Russell learns, because he will one day get there. I can't believe Colin is almost three!!!