Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Kailey Ann

Kailey was rocking out late night tonight since we put Colin to bed first tonight at 7:30.  The kids have swim lessons on Tuesday nights now and we don't get home until 7pm.  Generally that is Kailey's bed time and then Colin goes in somewhere between 7:30 and 8.  However, Colin has not been very cooperative at nap time with the girls lately, so by dinner time, his behavior and mood is not the best because he is just so tired from school. In addition, we think he has some teeth breaking through in the back because he has been up crying at night gnawing on his thumbs and then we have to wake him to get him ready for school.  

Kailey was more than happy to oblige and stay up longer, and was putting on quite a show for us.  She has quite a personality and I have really enjoyed seeing how she does things.  Obviously it's different than Colin, but it's ok because I like how the each do things their own way.  She is very curious about things and watching her play is so interesting.  Her play has been more purposeful and she seems to think everything is a purse because she likes to loop it over her arm and walk around with whatever it is.  She likes to put lots of things "in" different things and always makes me laugh when we find random combinations of toys.  However, she also is so dramatic and likes to flop onto the floor and cry if things don't go her way.  I like that they are so unique in their own ways!


Jenny said...

Cute :)

Kristin said...

I love seeing the boy/girl differences too, in my kiddos. Sometimes I ask myself, is that a boy thing or a Ds thing... or just a Max thing!