Saturday, April 28, 2012

Good Morning

For awhile now, Colin has been getting out of bed in the morning when he is ready.  Typically, he will come into  our room, tap me on the shoulder and say "mom! Mom! ma!" over and over again until I look at him, and then he will say "up!".  With Kailey, it depends on the morning and which "side of the bed" she wakes up on.  Some mornings we hear her happily content in the crib while other mornings you barely have enough time to change her before she needs her milk immediately.  

However, this morning, I heard Colin get out of bed and make a detour for Kailey's room since I think he heard her chatting in there.  I started to get out bed because I wasn't sure how that was going to go when I walked in to THIS scene...

In the picture, if you look, there is a green bin to the left of the crib which is what he used to get in the crib.  It certainly is something new every day!

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Jenny said...

Aw man, I remember when Raist use to do this with Amy...Shoot, time goes by so fast. This is such a cute picture, I love it!