Friday, April 13, 2012

Day of Play

It's amazing how fast a week can fly by when you are busy and having fun!  Today we met up with our friends Anne and Samantha at the boardwalk, but first, we had speech therapy and a "quick" trip to the doctor to get Kailey caught up on her immunizations.  I was so optimistic for therapy this morning because when Miss Amy came, Colin pointed to the family room and walked right in there to start.  However, he only lasted a good 15 minutes before he was "done".  

Just waiting for Dr. Uma to come in...
Last year during the summer, we made a trip to the boardwalk with the kids and attempted rides with Colin once, but it didn't go over so hot.  He enjoyed one ride that he went on with Daddy, but otherwise was not too happy with them.  When we were done with lunch today, I thought that I might try it out with Colin to see how it would go.  At first, when I put him on the firetrucks, he was kind of squirming to get out of the seat and cling to me, but the bell was a distraction once I showed him how to make it ring.  A few times around and he was waving away!

However, the second ride, the FISH, and he just loved it! This is BY FAR one of my favorite pictures.  I was hesitant with this one because it goes up and down a bit, but he really enjoyed it.

This one...not so much.  He was NOT a fan of the dragon and was NOT happy with me for putting him on it.  I got a few smiles and a wave, but he started and finished it by crying.

We had such a fun day that Kailey was able to be transferred from the car right into the crib...hat and all!

...and to finish the night?  My little guy and I each had a bowl of ice cream (for the second time today...oops!) on the couch together while we watched the Devils playoff game.  He was all about snuggling with me tonight and I was so happy!


Rochelle said...

Love the pic of him on the fish, and of course the two of you, super sweet!

Jenny said...

Aw, haha...Colin crying in the dragon, too cute! Looks like he has fun on everything else though!!