Monday, April 23, 2012

Our New Daily Routine

Now that Colin is attending a new school, we have a new routine that we are getting used to.  Colin's bus arrives at 7:45 am, so we need to get him up (which he usually is up early enough anyway), dressed, and having eaten (which is typically easy since all he eats is yogurt for breakfast these days) before the bus pulls up (which is Daddy's job since I am already gone).  His program runs from 8:20 until 11:20 in a self-contained preschool classroom.  I didn't spend a whole lot talking about the IEP process on here, but that's partially because I am still learning and it is really new to me (and pretty overwhelming).  I am anxious in terms of whether or not we have everything we need for him, but since it is an "open document", as I talk with his teacher and others, I am sure that things will change with time.  

In addition to his new routine, we have several college girls (all seniors) who will be getting him off of the bus every day.  They are all education majors in some way (2 special education and one guidance!) so we feel pretty happy with his caregivers.  They are all very nice girls and Colin has seemed to warm up so far (we weren't too concerned about that aspect anyway).  They are very thorough in their preparations for caring for him so that has been reassuring as well.  

...I especially wasn't worried when I received this picture today.

I am sure a lot of this has to do with the changes that are taking place, but Colin no longer looks like a baby to me, but rather, such a big boy!  Although he seems tiny in respect to a bus and school, his face is changing so much! In addition he is growing some freckles that are dotting his nose and cheeks so it's all changing so much!

However, with all of these changes and "aging", we are also facing some new challenges that have crept up on us in the whole transition period that were slightly pushed to the side while we were dealing with the emotions of the change.  Colin is becoming very independent and strong-willed and wants things done his way.  In the picture above, Colin is working on a new game he received for his birthday which he loved.  It's a "bug catching" game using magnets to catch the different bugs in the puzzle.  He picked up very quickly on how to get the bugs, however, when it came to putting the puzzle pieces back in, he would become very frustrated and decide he didn't want to do it anymore.  He would storm away and have a little fit, so Kailey and I would put the pieces back in.  However, he would be back when it came to what he wanted to do.  

The other aspect of his personality that is very strong-willed is in the walking department.  Now, in no way do I want you to think that I am complaining about this because that is not the case, but it is very challenging to walk with him because he wants to go where he wants.  For example, in the picture below, he does not want to walk where I tell him to, but rather where he wants, right down the middle of the road, so now we are trying to teach safety (BIG challenge).  It's tough because when I try and take his hand, his response is to sit down and use all 28 pounds of "low muscle tone" to his advantage.  

Finally, the last really big challenge we are facing is the fact that he is not playing very nicely with Kailey right now.  I know this is pretty typical of all siblings, but he is very rough with her and often ends up hurting her because of his aggressiveness.  I mean, will literally run at her, ambush her, and knock her over and essentially "wrestle" her.  However, she is NOT wrestling back and gets very upset (obviously).  Now, she often instigates in some way, but most of the time, his attacks are unwarranted.  I know in disciplining, repetition is key, but the roughness is concerning because I feel like I can't step out of the room without something happening lately.  We will separate him, put him in "time-out" (although we don't really say those words) and tell him what he is doing that hurts Kailey.  I know this will improve with time, but it's stressful to me because all I want is that great brother sister bond!


Adrienne said...

Oh I have to chuckle a little because I can see Colin coming at Kailey full force and knocking her down. Not funny, I know but you have to know some of it is typical. However, the more I look into this feeding thing the more sensory seeking comes up and B's OT talks about before meals having B push heavy objects, or do big motor activities. Maybe this is Colin's way of seeking input. I know, I know so overwhelming and hard to understand but with the low tone it does make sense.

As far as the walking, B is the same way and alway's wants "down". A while back he got his finger crammed in the Kohl's door because he was too short for the sensor to detect him walking and it closed on him and I was paying and he wasn't listening and walked off to go outside-you can picture the whole the scene. Nightmare!! But so much of it is typical two/three year old stuff but it's the not understanding the safety aspect of it as quickly. I feel like my girls kind of understood at 3 to stop at a street although they still don't always look both ways. Raising any kid is hard-lol!

I'm glad he's doing well with his school and after care though. Huge transition but it will all feel like the norm soon...and then before you know it it will be time for kindergarten-ugh!!! I'll be in your shoes in about 4 months;)

Jenny said...

Russell basically wants to walk in any direction opposite to mine! lol...He is so stubborn when we go out...I put him down to walk and he will instantly start going the other way, when I try to turn him he throws a HUGE fit! *sigh*...So I did snicker a little when you mentioned Colin and his independence...It's nice to know I am not alone :) haha