Thursday, April 26, 2012

An Adjustment and a Scare

Despite the fact we are really happy with Colin's transition so far, it does come with some adjustments all around.  I think that Colin is doing great, however, I also feel that there are many changes that we are all experiencing that like anything, are going to take time.  One of the most major adjustments that we are dealing with is the fact that Colin is not napping and is so much more tired right now.  When Colin was in his old school, he took a nap every single day for a minimum of an hour. However, he is being very stubborn with the girls and will not stay in his room to sleep.  Today he fell asleep on the couch thankfully and at least took a little cat nap.  However, a short nap led to a ROUGH go at the whole sleep thing at night.  Let's just say there were a whole lot of tears (and it wasn't just from Colin!).

I am sure that with time, Colin will adjust and give in because he just seems so much more tired than before! My adjustment that I am trying to get used to is a decrease in communication between us and his teacher (when comparing it to what I was used to before).  This is not to say that they are not communicating with us, but since he is now riding the bus and we don't pick him up from school, I don't know as many details as I did before.  Again, they send us notes and let us know how the day goes (and we do get plenty of details), but we're talking about the mom who would love to sit IN his class all day to get ALL kinds of communication!  All in all, we have been really happy with the transition as we feel that Colin is doing really well.  I know this may sound a little crazy, but in the past week since Colin has been in school, I am seeing some subtle improvements with his language.  All I have to do is bring up the bus or his teacher and he has lots to say, just not sure what it is.  Some of the words that he was already saying are becoming more clear and he is stringing 2 words together at times (like "no mom!").  

Another thing that's blossoming?  His independence!  I was at target yesterday with the kids and wanted to let Colin walk around to tire him out a bit.  However, I had the kids to start in the stroller so that I could get everything I needed first.  I turned around at one point and Colin wasn't in the stroller!  I nearly had a heart attack and thankfully he had JUST gotten out but was on the move!  

Lesson learned...buckle him in!  

And another scare, Kailey is getting into EVERYTHING.  I pulled THIS out of her mouth yesterday which she was essentially choking on because it was stuck.  

...and had to get her off the couch before she fell...

...and then off of the little kid picnic table that Colin just got for his birthday that we didn't put outside yet that she was almost standing on top of when I walked into the room.  I'm not used to this!


Rochelle said...

Oh my the fun you guys are having. LOL Hang in there, praying he gets back to napping, our girls are bears if they don't have their naps and then don't sleep well at night b/c they are overtired.

April Vernon said...

I can feel your pain! Yesterday Levi had a mouth full of packaging peanuts! I could not believe how he crunched them into teeny tiny pieces. It was scary! While swiping them out of his mouth, it felt like I was sticking my hand into a bean bag. The tiny pieces were so thick through every inch of his mouth and cheeks!!

Alaina and Kyle said...

Love reading about your transition because ours is a month away and I'm hoping all goes well. Not sure if we are even going to start him this year or not since he'll only have 2 weeks. Both your kids have grown up quick in the last couple months! So fun to follow!!