Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wednesday Tidbits

Yesterday we had our long overdue visit to the pediatric gastroenterologist with high hopes that we would have some more definitive answers about Colin's overall feeding, eating, and diet concerns.  We had spoke to our pediatrician a few months back about seeing one when we were at our all time low with Colin's eating (or lack thereof).  Unfortunately, that appointment had been rescheduled a few times, and since then, we have noticed that Colin seems to have a bit more of an appetite.  Our concerns were that there was something more serious going on internally that was being missed.  


Not what I expected.  The doctor had a medical resident and student there so we saw them first.  I am all for medical students because we all have to learn at some point, however, I was very disappointed with how he handled his questioning (I felt like we didn't belong there, that our problem was trivial to what it could be) and his lack of people first language.  He never referred to Colin as having Down Syndrome, but rather, "Downs kids".  Yikes, he is a relatively NEW student!

That started it, and to top it off, it was 500 degrees in the office because they hadn't turned off their heat yet.  Since it was hot and I was flustered, I was sweating.  I mean, dripping. The doctor came in and was initially great with Colin and how he interacted with him.  However, his people first language was pretty lacking as well and he really had nothing to say about anything.  Now, I do want to preface this by saying that I am very thankful he is not concerned that there is something more serious going on, but we've been at this for 2 years now and have never been giving a solid answer.  So, THAT is why I was more disappointed than anything.  Since he is in the 50th percentile for weight and height compared to other "Downs kids", he felt that he was nourished and a healthy weight and height, reflux and constipation issues are pretty typical, and any of the more serious intestinal issues usually present themselves right from birth.  

So, we left with a script to increase the reflux dosage and to come back in a month.  Again, we do know  that there are sensory issues related to children with Down Syndrome as well as the general behavioral issues for a typical 2 and 3 year old when it comes to eating, but, we just were hoping for a better solution to the problem.  Thankfully, Colin DOES seem to have more of an appetite lately, but only for his yogurt, cottage cheese, pudding or vanilla ice cream.  

In the end, I at least got an afternoon with my little boy and a lunch date...that is ALWAYS a positive.

Kailey is definitely teething which makes her so much more dramatic than she already is.  She is such a little girl that it makes me laugh.  

...and, some dance moves from Colin:


Rochelle said...

Sorry for not better news at the dr. Hoping next month you get more answers!

Jenny said...

I know the term "Downs kids" doesn't bother some people, but it really bothers me...I especially hate hearing it from medical professionals!
I'm glad nothing is physically wrong with Colin as far as his eating goes...I understand your frustration though. Russell has a very limited diet...We cannot even get him to try new things...When I bring my concerns up to his Doctors they all brush it off because he is a good size kid and looks healthy...But as a Mom I don't see how him living on toast and bananas and yogurt is healthy! *sigh*