Sunday, May 27, 2012

A Quick Update

I really hate when the blog gets neglected.  It's been a very hectic few days, mostly because by the time I get to sit down and complete a blog post, I am too tired to figure out what I want to say.  In fact, I have quite a list these days of all of the things I need/want to accomplish around the house.  I know that slowly it will all get done, but really wish I could get a big chunk of it done soon and quickly!  This is a bit of what we have been up to, all courtesy of my phone.  I REALLY need to get back on the ball with my regular camera!

Kailey had a checkup at the dentist the other day to take a look at that tooth she pushed out of the way months ago.  Although it's not as tight as it should be, it is definitely tighter than it was so it looks like it should stay until it falls out around the normal time.  She was not as cooperative for the x-ray this time and here looks like she is intently listening to what the doctor has to say.  

Colin had his first field day at school on Friday that Daddy was able to go and watch.  It had gotten moved inside and when Colin saw Chris his face lit up.  Unfortunately, he was a bit distracted because Daddy was there, however, still participated and did a great job!

Doesn't he look like such a big boy here?!
I absolutely LOVE the little boy in a big T-shirt look!  

I have to say that I am really proud of Chris and I for taking the bull by the horns and trying out this whole sleep thing.  Although it has been really challenging and heartbreaking at times (some nights he just clings on for dear life!), it has really put us back to some level of normalcy at night.  Coincidentally, our "normal" routine will be ending soon with the approach of summer, but I really wanted to make sure that Colin knew that we couldn't lay with him every night.  It's just not practical for us on a regular basis.  He still gets out of bed a few times a night, but tonight, it was only one time and he was done.  The other night, he didn't get out at all for Aunt Kimmy!  This picture was from last night and makes me laugh.  You could tell that he tried ONE more time, but juuusssttttt didn't make it!

Yesterday was our first day at the beach for the summer and it felt SO GOOD to be back there.  We all need to ease ourselves into the sun, so we only spent about an hour and a half out there but it was nice!  Kailey is still inspecting things and trying to figure out what she thinks about it all.  

Colin, on the other hand, was up to his old antics again and trying to run away and go/do what he wants so we will have to work on that this summer.  He has NO FEAR of the water which is both great and frightening all at the same time.  

We are having some issues though because both kids are getting the sunscreen in their eyes despite all of our attempts for that not to happen and has caused QUITE a breakdown on Kailey's part. She was NOT happy until we got home and she got in the bath tub.  On top of her teething issues, she did  not enjoy the beach in any way shape or form today.   

Speaking of teething issues, it has not been a good few nights the past few nights with her.  She is either having trouble AT bed time, or getting up in the middle of the night (not FUN).  One minute she is like this...

..and thankfully sometimes it doesn't take too long to get to this...

And to leave you on a cute note...this was a fun brother sister photo shoot until Colin pushed Kailey off of her chair.  And then, we were done.


Rochelle said...

Love that you guys can hop over to the beach anytime. Super jealous! Those pics of the two of them are so cute.

Jenny said...

LOVE all the pictures on here!! My favorite is Colin's last attempt of getting out of bed, lol, oh my goodness it is the cutest picture ever!!