Saturday, May 12, 2012

Special Olympics Young Athlete Program

On Saturday mornings, Colin participates in the Special Olympics' Young Athlete Program.  The sessions are about 45 minutes long where there is some structured circle time and then freedom for the kids to participate in a variety of activities.  We always have fun when we go, and Colin certainly enjoys it as he is all over the place.  I was really pleasantly surprised today because during circle time, particularly with the parachute, Colin did really well at following directions and doing what the instructions were at any given moment.  He really had a lot of fun this morning and I just love watching him go from activity to activity.  

However, Chris and I were really surprised (quite pleasantly!) when Colin walked over to the cones that were set up with bars at different heights to step over and just walked right over each one perfectly, even though some of them were quite high.  I caught it on video the second time, however, he tripped a little bit when he got started.  We were so proud!

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If the video doesn't work, please click here to watch!


Darren said...

Watch out Edwin Moses! Good job, Colin!

Jenny said...

Aw, I love the video. Colin just kept right on trying, what a great kid :)