Tuesday, May 22, 2012

New Sleep Routine

We're getting so close!  Tonight's stats included Colin only getting out of bed 5 times spanning only 10 minutes!  I can't help but beam right now because it's actually working!  I still feel bad because he is so sad about us not laying with him, but he seems to be giving in much more quickly.  In addition to following the method of putting him back in bed every time he gets out, we also have changed his night routine slightly.  Instead of letting him watch a show before bed (we always thought it helped to calm him down, but some research I read said that TV is actually more stimulating right before  bed), we turn the TV off completely about 30 minutes before and start reading books then.  With no distraction, he is much more interested in reading books again and snuggling on the couch.  It feels so good that it's a method we are trying that is ACTUALLY working (unlike the million+ things we have tried to get him to eat but have failed every time...).  

Colin and Kailey's Uncle Tim is getting married in June and Kailey's dress came in the mail today.  I am in LOVE!! There's nothing like a little girl in tulle!


Rochelle said...

So glad the bedtime routine is working! K is adorable!

Jenny said...

Aw, she looks precious in that dress! And that's so awesome things are getting better with Colin's bedtime drama :)