Tuesday, May 15, 2012

One Proud Mommy

This proud Mommy's heart is so full right now!  Colin's transition to preschool has been better than I ever could have expected.  Even though I thought it would be so hard to say goodbye to the people that had been such a big part of our lives, we have quickly filled it with new ones that are helping to make this transition so wonderful.  

Although we are unsure about some of the things Colin tries to tell us, when he is asked about how his day is, he has a lot to say.  He animatedly talks about the bus and seems to really enjoy school so far.  Oh how I wish I could be a fly on the wall some days!

Last Friday, Colin had his spring concert at school which Daddy attended.  A lot of the notes home that we have gotten lately have mentioned that the kids have been practicing their songs a lot in preparation for the concert.  That morning, Colin was dressed in his "spring best" for the day.  

Although Chris was not allowed to take pictures once the kids came out, he did sneak a few of the set up so that I could at least see parts of it.  

The kids sang 5 songs for the show and apparently, Colin was singing the words and going through the gestures that went along with the songs.  At the end, he even took his bow when instructed to do so and was a hit!  Chris had several of the staff members including his PT, the principal, his teacher, and an aide mention to him that he was the star of the show and they couldn't believe how adorable he was and how well he did for only being a part of the school for several weeks.  When Chris was texting me what they were saying, I was tearing up because I was so proud and I wasn't even there.  

I emailed his PT this week just to check in and see how he was doing and was so happy with the response I received back.  I fell in love with her right from the IEP meeting because of her personality, her professionalism, and and how she related to us.  This is part of what she wrote back to me today...

"I did see Colin today and I will tell you he has me wrapped and also keeps me laughing every second.  He is so sweet.  Enough gushing about your boy…He is doing great physically.  He is walking with less hand hold assistance and is increasing speed as you said.  When jumping, I give him the prep of bend your knees and jump.  I have tried to place him on the big red ball to jump as he will get the repetitive jumping action from very little input.  He is not too keen on this lack of control and prefers to try and jump on the floor or on the mini tramp.  Your son has one heck of an arm.  He throws well with his left and his right arm.  He is not showing a preference."

And then tonight, we participated in "fitness night" that combined Colin's preschool with the school for kindergarten.  Although it was a bit hectic, Chris and I had a teacher come up to us, hug us, and tell us how much she loves Colin.  She said "whatever it is you are doing, keep doing".  I just watched different members from his school come up to him and saw how he responded and I had tears in my eyes.  I am so proud.  

All I can think about is how lucky I am.  We anticipated this whole time period as being a scary one because of the unknown, but these people have literally taken our little boy in and have already taken things to the next level with him.  He is happy, and therefore, so are we...


Adrienne said...

So nice to read this Kelli!! Although I had no doubt the teachers would quickly fall in love with Colin. And him being the star of the show is no surprise either! So glad he's transitioning so well and so quickly!!!

Jenny said...

Loved this :)

Suze said...

I'm so happy to hear how well Colin is doing! and so glad that your minds are at ease as well with the transition. Tommy misses his buddy!

Rochelle said...

So glad his transition is going so well. I just knew he would love it and be a rock star!