Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Yay Colin!

This week was a MUCH better developmental therapy session than last week. If you may recall, last week's session was what started my day or so of needing to vent!

This week's session made me realize that there really are going to be ups and downs and highs and lows because Colin did so well compared to last week! It still took Colin a long time to warm up to Miss D, which is so surprising to us because he used to be so smiley for her all of the time! She's not even the one who makes him work so hard physically!

Right now she told us that she is emphasizing repetition. Each week will resemble a lot of the same things until he accomplishes those skills and then she will move on to the next task. She sang a lot of songs, read books with him, and tried to get him to imitate specific things. Right now he is doing really well with imitating clapping with blocks and it's really fun to see his face when he gets it right!

We still had trouble trying to get him to imitate sounds for Miss D, especially since he is making so many sounds when she is not around! Sometimes it feels like people aren't going to believe us if he doesn't do it for them! However, in the last 15 minutes, he really seemed to relax and get comfortable again for her because he started "talking" up a storm! He said "mamama" for her, what sounded like "hi (with waving!)" and some other consonant sounds. She would say mamama to him, and then even though he didn't quite get the sound out, he imitated her with his mouth motions!

So, I felt like I could breathe a little easier this week and was so proud of Colin! I may have those moments, but leave it to my little boy to pull me right back up (very quickly!).

And...while I brought this up...thanks for all of your words of encouragement last week!

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Nana said...

See, my cookie can do it!! He's the best because he has the best mom and dad!! Love, Nana