Monday, January 18, 2010

I Did It!

I had posted a little while back about how excited we were here that Colin was beginning to sit. We were so excited that he would "prop" and hold his own for a few seconds!

Wellllllll....Colin sat for long stretches this afternoon! I decided to try and give the boppy pillow behind him a whirl and see if he would sit there unsupported. While I was putting some things away, I put Colin on our bed in a sitting position and he did pretty well with it. I moved him to the floor next and put some of his favorite toys in front of him.

And guess what?!?

He literally sat unassisted (without pushing himself back) for 10-15 min. stretches!! He never complained and just played!

Of course, when I started snapping pictures in his "I Did It!" t-shirt (thanks again Jen!) he got that silly "Chandler" face again (which was cute though).

After the toy would become out of reach,

he would do the "baseball slide" onto his tummy,

prop himself up, and then roll over onto his back!

We are so proud and excited here!


Adrienne said...

Yay Colin!! He's doing so great! We're working hard on joining the "independent sitters" club over here, hope to officially join soon!:)

Grandad said...

To my beautiful grandson Colin, I knew you would do it, just in your own time, and I know you'll be doing many, many more "I did its". I had a great time with you over the weekend, and every time I see you, you are accomplishing something new in your life. I am so proud of you, and love you so much. You are my hero!! Love, your grandad.

Lori said...

Woohoo!! Nice work Colin!

Natalia said...

This is AWESOME!!! What great news for me to come home to! I couldn't wait to read the blogs I missed while I was away, and this one really just made my night! :)

I love you, Colin! MUAH!!!

Veronica said...

I cannot believe how much progress Colin makes all the time!! Love you Colin and you Tobins!

I also LOVE that inspiring video! Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses!