Friday, January 1, 2010

New Friend!

Colin has a new friend and his name is Logan! We are so happy to have met Logan and his mommy (and big brother) because Logan is also special like Colin and has Down Syndrome too! Logan is such a cutie and such a happy baby! Colin wasn't in the best of moods because it was his nap time, but we really enjoyed spending time with Logan and his Mommy and brother.

Chris and I met his Mommy at a sign language course and we were sitting right next to each other. When we were going around introducing ourselves, we had to explain why we were there. Teresa explained that she was there because she has a baby (who is a month older than Colin) who has Down Syndrome. I was so excited because they only live a few miles down the road!

It's so exciting for Colin to have a new playmate!


Nana said...

Oh it's so cute that Colin AND Mommy have new friends!! Looks like a lot of fun!! Love, Nana

Kristin said...

Yay for new friends!!