Friday, January 15, 2010

Physical Therapy Update

Colin had PT on Wednesday this week and I was really looking forward to a great session since DT went so well. Colin worked hard, but we are still working on some skills building up to being able to stay in a quadraped position as well as to be able to sit for an extended period of time.

The thing is, Colin will sit. He is sitting so nicely when he does with his back straight instead of curved like when he 1st started. If distracted, he will sit there unaided and play with his toys or try to touch his biggest motivators, someone's face.

However, then he remembers that he doesn't want to sit. Colin doesn't just teeter and fall over. He fully extends his head, neck, and back AND his arms pushing back as far as he can. So, we're working on it, but it's hard because he is so strong doing that motion! Last night my sister was holding him in her arms at my game and he was really pushing back against her.

While Miss K was attempting to put Colin in the quadraped position on Wednesday, he was doing Ok, but would try to rock on his own (which is what we are trying to get him to do) but he would rock so hard he would push right out of the position.

We will continue to work and keep practicing! Practice makes perfect right?

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Nana said...

Of course it does!! Good luck Colin, Mommy, and Daddy!! Love, Nana