Friday, January 29, 2010

Meeting New Friends!

This has been such a busy week that I have not been keeping up very well with the blog! While the Flapjack Fundraiser was so much fun, we also had a great Sunday as well meeting new friends!

I am fortunate to have made some forever friendships at college and have remained close with them since then. One of those friendships is with Brandon and his wife Ashly. I spent a lot of time with those friends throughout college and they were such great friends to me! Since college, we have all remained pretty close and try to get together at least twice a year. Unfortunately, we couldn't get the whole group together, but we were so happy to meet up in West Chester to finally meet Brandon and Ashly's daughter Riley!!

Riley was due to arrive right around Colin's due date, but she decided to come a little bit early on April 1st! For a lot of reasons, we were unable to get together until this weekend to have Riley and Colin meet each other! We had such a great time!

First we met at the restaurant where Riley and Colin were such good little babies!!

We all got together for a group picture to mark such a great day!

Even though the Ram statue wasn't there while we were in college, we had to go and take more pictures!
First Mommy and Colin...

...Mommy with Colin in her belly back in March (the 1st time I ever saw the Ram statue)!
All the West Chester people, plus Colin! (Riley was already asleep in the car!)

Mommy, Daddy, and Colin...

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Nana said...

Great to see you all having fun together! Love, Mom/Nana