Monday, January 11, 2010

Weekend Recap!

We had a great but busy weekend!

Colin and I (Unfortunately Chris was working) were FINALLY able to catch up with the Gallagher clan and we spent a quality day together! It's been too long if you ask me but that's what happens with hectives lives and schedules. We were able to get the kids together for a group shot very quickly and then Jorie and Zach sat with all of the kids for a picture.

Lots of playing and having a great time together!

Colin enjoyed playing with Jorie and Zach too!

(Those are Zach's legs in the picture!)
Kisses for Jorie :)

We are so lucky that Colin has such great "buds"!
We love you guys!! :)

Yesterday, we had our annual dinner at Liza's house for Christmas. She usually keeps her decorations up until she has this dinner, so fortunately it was only shortly after Christmas this year! It was Colin's 1st time at Liza's house!
Colin had a lot of fun playing with the bag and the tissue paper from his gifts!

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