Monday, April 29, 2013

The Weekend

Week #2 of soccer did not go as well as week #1.  While we seemed to have gotten off to a good start in the beginning (which is where MOST of the following pictures came from) he lost interest very quickly.  No matter what we tried (including helping him on the field) we could not get him to stay involved.  I would have been happy if he just ran around on the field.  

I won't lie and say that I wasn't disappointed with how things went even though I know that it's not uncommon for kids this age to not stay and be involved for the whole time.  I was thankful for a man that was there who was watching us try and keep Colin involved and he pointed out to me that it took several weeks with some of his older sons before they would even walk out on the field.  

I am sure that with time, he will start to get more involved and we'll have better weeks ahead.  I think I was disappointed this week because I wanted him to show that it doesn't matter that he has Down Syndrome, that he would participate and play just like the other kids.  It's ok, he can just do that another week.  

The rest of the weekend was just as busy.  Chris worked and the kids and I made our way down to see Uncle Pat and Aunt Kristine at their house.  It was a beautiful day for the park!

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Jenny said...

Good grief does he ever look cute in that little uniform!!! And I love that picture of Kailey walking with her sunglasses and little pigtails, such a little diva! lol

I bet given more time Colin really gets into the whole swing of things out there. And I have no doubt that one day he will be proving to everyone it doesn't matter that he has Ds, that he can play with the best of them!