Sunday, April 7, 2013


This weekend, the kids and I were in the southernmost county of NJ and the northernmost county in just 2 days.  Between the Special Olympics spring festival and visiting with grandparents, we had a busy weekend of driving. Thankfully, my kids have always been good sleepers in the car so I also got a lot of quiet time myself!  

I have been really lucky in my lifetime to still have 3 of my 4 grandparents.  My kids are extremely lucky that THEY have 4 grandparents that love them so AND 3 GREAT-grandparents.  This weekend we spent some time visiting with them.  

Grammy is my dad's mom and we had breakfast with her at my parent's house...

4 generations together....

It's amazing to me how SHY Kailey is when out in public...she is NOT like that at ALL at home!

This guy is such a shmoozer!  He says hi and gives out handshakes, hugs and smiles when appropriate.  
 My grandma, my mom's mom unfortunately broke her hip and needed surgery.  She has been in a rehab facility for a few weeks now and may need subsequent surgery to repair what's not healing.  It was nice to go and visit and the kids certainly helped to put a smile on her face!  Colin has an affinity for my Poppy...I think it's because he always sings to him when they are together!

The kids have now seen ALL of their 4 grandparents and 3 great grandparents in one week!  They are some lucky kids!

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