Saturday, April 6, 2013

Special Olympics of NJ Spring Festival

Today was the Special Olympics of NJ spring sports festival and the kids and I made our way down to Wildwood so that Colin could participate.  He always has a lot of fun when we go to the Special Olympics complex, however, he didn't seem as interested in his activities because all he wanted to do was participate in the basketball tournament that was going on in the big gym.  

After we got there, we walked around a bit until his program started, but he saw the gym with the basketball games going on and that's where he wanted to be.  He even tried to run out on the court so that he could play too.  He was pretty good though considering and Kailey really enjoyed herself too! 

The volunteers that help with the young athlete program are great but unfortunately, he didn't seem too interested to play whatever activity they were trying to get him to do.  However, he really knows how to ham it up when appropriate.  These girls actually asked me to take a picture with Colin! My little celebrity...

My little grump...

It makes me laugh, and feel pretty proud too, to walk around a facility like the Wildwood Convention center and have lots of people (many of whom I don't know) go up and say "hi Colin" and give him high-fives.  There was even some teenage boys at the table in the lunch area who were excitedly pointing to Colin saying that they thought it was the little boy on the SONJ website (he's on the home page!).  How cool is that?  

I am really proud of Colin for how far he has come in just under 4 short years of life.  We are so happy for what the Special Olympics has provided to him and what it will continue to do for many years.  What a fun day!!

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Melissa said...

I love Kailey's cheesey face!